10 Great Websites to Surf when You're Bored ...


10 Great Websites to Surf when You're Bored ...
10 Great Websites to Surf when You're Bored ...

Feeling bored is a great excuse to go on all your favourite websites and discover new ones that you will love, starting with the ones listed below! Do you have a go-to website for when you're bored or do you prefer looking at new ones each time? What do you think of the websites below?

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As you probably already know, YouTube is packed with millions of videos and new ones are being uploaded pretty much every second of every day by people across the globe! There's so much to find on YouTube, so whether you like watching fashion hauls, beauty tutorials or general tips and tricks you can apply to your life, there's something out there for everyone! You can even subscribe to your favourite YouTubers and be the first to see new videos they upload!


Who What Wear is an amazing website to scroll through when you're bored, full of great fashion articles and celeb inspiration for your next go-to outfit! It also has the latest on street style trends and how-to videos for various DIY projects and general tips and tricks. It has a whole page dedicated to fashion trends for clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories and even seasonal must-haves!


Byrdie is a sister site of Who What Wear but is mainly focused on general health such as hair, skin, nails and makeup advice and tips. A bonus is that it has how-to videos and tutorials for pretty much every single one of these areas so you can master all aspects of your health in just one day! There's even a page dedicated to diet and fitness with expert advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Like Byrdie, My Domaine is also a sister site of Who What Wear but is mainly focused on lifestyle ideas. It has everything you need to know on home décor, food, travel, career, love and dating, weddings, real estate, music, film, parenting and so much more! My Domaine is all about promoting both a healthy living and a healthy lifestyle, so if this is something you're into make sure you check it out!


Cosmopolitan is the number one magazine for young women to enjoy - it has so much to read on sex, relationships, love, celebs, beauty, style, career, college, health, fitness and even cocktails! It has literally everything you could ever want to read about so make sure you have a look the next time you're bored! It even features news articles that might be relevant in different states (if you're living in America).


GoodReads is the top website for discovering your next favourite book! Anyone who loves to read in their spare time or finding new great books to start will love this website. You can search pretty much any title of a book and read the synopsis as well as the overall rating from other readers and their own personal reviews! Once you've finished reading a book, make sure you go GoodReads and let others know what you thought of it!


Seventeen is packed with loads of tips on celebs, fashion, beauty, love, life, health and even a special section on prom! An extra bonus with the website is that it has so many fun quizzes you can take just for fun and your entertainment - perfect for when you're bored and looking to pass the time! Seventeen has funny articles as well as memes that only young women will understand (all too well!) so make sure you have a look at these!


Thought Catalog is a great website for anyone who loves to read about love and relationships. Here you'll find heaps of articles based on the writer's own personal experiences in these areas, how they have felt and what they have learnt from it. Plus the content is generally super relatable for readers, so you're bound to find that you've been in similar situations as the writer! This is another fab website to visit when you're bored.


Your Zen Life is a website perfect for anyone who loves spirituality, meditation and adapting to the 'Zen' like lifestyle - perfect for those days when you're super bored and you just want to feel inspired! Inspiring Australian actress Teresa Palmer runs this website and remains super involved, even contributing her own series of 'Tez Talks' in which she gives advice on how you can live calmfully and mindfully and answers common questions asked by like-minded people!


the lodown

Body, health, diet, beauty, fashion - you name it, the Lo Down has you covered! As the name suggests, this is Lo Bosworth's website, as in Lauren Conrad's BFF from MTV's Laguna Beach and The Hills. There's even a new addition to the site which is focused around more personal issues such as relationships, mental health, anxiety and stress. Two words: simply amazing! Last but not least, but this another great website to kill time on for when boredom strikes.

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