7 Honest Things to Be Upfront about in a Relationship ...


7 Honest Things to Be Upfront about in a Relationship ...
7 Honest Things to Be Upfront about in a Relationship ...

Are you being totally honest and upfront with others in all the ways that you should? Keep reading to find out and comment your thoughts on what you believe we should all be honest about!

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Who You Are

person, finger, costume, thumb, Let's, Everyone deserves to know the real, authentic you with nothing fake about it! Even if you're tempted to pretend to be someone else for a while, remember that if we all deserve one thing it's to know who people truly are. It feels pretty crappy when you find out that someone isn't who they said they were, leaving us feeling mislead and even deceived.


Your Intentions

person, blond, deal, is,, above, Many people may have hidden intentions or ulterior motives for something they do, but this is actually misleading others and as I'm sure you know, deception is a form of lying. The best thing you can do (for your sake and theirs) is to be totally honest and upfront about your intentions for doing something - especially when it effects and/or involves other people!


Important Values

black, white, person, painting, facial expression, You should never, ever feel like you have to keep important values hidden or a secret! If something is super important to you, do take the time to tell other people this if you're about to become involved with them (romantically or otherwise), so that they know to be super respectful of your values in the future and vice versa.


How You Feel

person, profession, emotion, speech, religion, Not everyone finds it easy to tell others how they feel or to express emotions, but you should still try to get into the habit of doing this (at least some of the time) to prevent feelings from 'bottling up' inside. Emotions need a release and telling others how you feel is a great form of release - it will take pressure off you and make you feel heaps better with it off your chest!


Your Happiness

person, profession, book, I'm, just, If you're not happy about something, sometimes it can be easy to keep our mouths shut because we don't want others to think we're being a 'diva' or just plain difficult. But it's super important to speak up and be honest (and not be afraid to do so) if you're not happy with something so that it can be changed, if possible, to something we do feel happy with.


Needing Help

person, musician, athlete, profession, baseball positions, It's super important to tell someone if you feel that you need help with something - whether it be something minor or major, big or small. There's absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that you need help with something, so the next time you feel this way, don't be afraid or embarrassed to tell someone who can provide the help you need!


Your Insecurities

person, black and white, facial expression, portrait photography, emotion, Being honest about any insecurities you have might feel uncomfortable at first, but it's a really great way to let others truly get to know us as well as support us in any way that they can. For example, if your insecurity is not giving yourself enough self-love or you don't have much self-confidence, telling this to someone you're close to allows them to help you by constantly reminding you of what a beautiful, unique person you are and how you deserve so much! Hearing this from someone else (especially when it's related to an insecurity of ours) can make us feel so much better and gradually help reduce those insecurities until they're not a concern anymore!

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