7 Etiquette Tips to Help You Behave like a True Lady ...


If youโ€™re headed to a fancy dinner party, there are etiquette tips that you should keep in mind. When youโ€™re eating with your close friends, you can behave however youโ€™d like, but when youโ€™re invited to a nice dinner, you should try to behave properly. Wear your best clothes, never forget to smile, and follow these etiquette tips:

1. Follow Silverware Rules

If the table is set up with multiple forks and spoons, you canโ€™t grab whichever one you want. You should always start with the piece of silverware that is farthest away from your plate, and work your way toward the inside. The first fork should be for salad, the next for dinner. When it comes to your drink, it should always be placed on the right side of your plate. As long as you follow these etiquette tips, youโ€™ll have no problem when it comes to utensils.

Always Be Polite
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