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9 Enriching Reasons to Embrace Your Inner Artist ...

By Crystal

Creativity is sometimes thought of as frivolous, but there are numerous reasons to embrace your inner artist. You don't have to paint, sing, dance or even be an actual artist to be creative. The point is to let your creativity out in whatever form that makes you happy. If anyone's ever told you that art isn't important, simply remind them of all the important reasons to embrace your inner artist.

1 Appreciate Who You Are

Everybody has something that makes them unique. Creativity is a large part of that. One of the biggest reasons to embrace your inner artist is it helps you appreciate who you are. In a world where we try to fit so many different societal molds, we need some way to find that unique spark inside ourselves. When we find that, we finally appreciate who we are and who we could be.

2 See Life in New Ways

Talk to artists, musicians, writers and other common creative types and you'll find they all have a different way of looking at life. Their craft helps them see life in a new light. They put their experiences into their creativity. As a result, they're able to better understand life and all the ups and downs that come with it. Often times, they feel as if they've lived fuller lives just from being able to better appreciate life.

3 Express Yourself

Everyone needs a way to express themselves. Whether it's sharing thoughts on social media, whipping up a brand new dessert or weaving dried flowers through your jeans, let your creative spirit run wild. When you keep everything deep inside, you tend to feel lonely and possibly even angry. Start expressing yourself through creative means and you'll feel freer than ever.

4 Find Your Dreams

Sometimes we're so busy trying to be just like someone else that we forget to be ourselves. We squash our own inner artist to emulate our mentors. Let your inner artist out and you'll suddenly uncover your own dreams. Once you know what you want in life, you'll finally be able to pursue it and live the life you've always wanted. It's not always easy, but the happiness you feel is well worth it.

5 Teaches You to Take Risks

Most of us are afraid to let our creative spirit out. What if someone doesn't like what we do? What if someone makes fun of us? The greatest people in history took risks and now they're the people we all wish we could be. The more often you embrace your inner artist, the better you'll become at taking those life changing risks.

6 Connect to Others

Whatever art or creative venture you try will help you connect with others. Musicians write songs to express themselves, but at the same time, their words help others and draw people to them. Maybe your passion is creating beautiful pins on Pinterest or writing sarcastic jokes. It doesn't matter what your inner artist is. You will connect with others when you embrace it.

7 Accept Your Vulnerabilities

Artists all have one thing in common – they're not afraid to show they're vulnerable. You don't have to be a mainstream creative to uncover and express your vulnerabilities. Every time you create something and show it to someone, you're vulnerable to their criticism. You quickly learn it's okay to be vulnerable and you also learn how to deal with it.

8 Give Something Back

It doesn't matter what you create. You have an inner artist for a reason. We often expect the world to give us something when instead it's waiting for us to give it something. The world around us is built by people who weren't afraid to embrace the artist within them. Start a business, write a blog, plant a tree or learn a new skill. Everything we create helps create a better world.

9 Learn to Appreciate Others

The more we learn about ourselves as we embrace our inner artists, the better we understand others. As a result, we can appreciate differences more. Imagine a world where we all respected and appreciated others for being different. This would lead to fewer conflicts, better friendships and greater ideas than ever before.

Your inner artist isn't something to be scared of. It doesn't matter how big or small your creations are. Let your artist out to play and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes in your life. What is your inner artist like?

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