9 Easy Ways to Stop Being a Hypocrite ...


It's so easy to judge others or dish out advice you never plan to follow. The problem is, you're just showing others you're a hypocrite. Many people don't even realize they're being a hypocrite until someone points it out. The problem is, once you do know, how do you stop? With a little self awareness, it's actually fairly easy to stop being a hypocrite.

1. Stop Talking about Others

Hypocrites are well known for bad mouthing others behind their backs. They pretend to be friends, but then talk about the person behind their back. Trust me, the other person will find out. Odds are, you'll end up losing the trust of everyone around you in the process. An easy to stop the hypocrite cycle is to simply stop saying bad things about people unless you're willing to say it to the person's face.

Follow Your Own Advice
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