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15 Easy Compliments to Give Someone You Meet for the First Time ...

By Heather

Meeting new people is never easy, but with a few compliments to give people you meet for the first time, it can be a breeze to break the ice. Keep in mind that you always want to be genuine when complimenting others. Don’t just say something if you don’t mean it, but if you find something you could compliment someone on that you genuinely admire about them, then tell them! It can be as simple as the type of shoes they have on, to the way they’re wearing their hair. Either way, compliments break the ice and create an easier avenue for talking to someone. Some of these are better for women than men, and a couple are even useful for job interviews, but each one can be condition specific, so pick the most appropriate one.

1 I Love Your Outfit

Ladies, one of the best compliments to give people you meet for the first time is a sense of appreciation for their outfit. Who doesn’t love to be complimented on what they’re wearing? If this is a man, you may want to keep it simple and say something like, “Nice shirt”, but if it is a woman, feel free to gush over her blouse, dress, gym tank, etc. This will break down barriers, and make her feel good too. If you’re lucky, she might even tell you where she got it!

2 That Jewelry is so Cute!

Along with clothing, all women love to be complimented on their jewelry. Feel free to express your love for a gal's jewelry, or if it’s a guy, say something like, “Nice watch,” etc. If you’re in a job interview, keep it brief and not too over the top, and say something like, “ I really like your jewelry.”

3 Your Hair Looks Nice like That

This is a great tip to give women or men, and an easy one too. Everyone likes to feel like their hair looks nice, and having someone tell you that is a great compliment to receive, so return the favor.

4 You Have a Great Smile

Does someone you meet have pretty pearly whites, or a welcoming smile? Tell them so! A smile is the prettiest thing any of us will wear, and when someone appreciates it, it’s even better.

5 Your Accent is Nice

If you meet someone out of town, or who is from a different culture, state, area, etc. and you like their accent, let them know. This is one compliment that is always nice to receive. As a southerner, trust me, I know.

6 I’ve Heard so Many Great Things about You

If you’re not sure what to say about someone you meet, or are finding it hard to start a conversation, just keep it simple with this baseline compliment. Telling someone you’ve heard nice things about them through a friend, family member or co-worker is a great way to break the ice. If you haven’t heard of them at all, then definitely don’t say this and instead, keep say something like, “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you."

7 Your Nail Polish is Nice

If the bank teller or lady interviewing you for your next job has a great color of nail polish, tell her! This is not an over the top compliment that will make you sound weird, just one that will let someone know you appreciate her sense of taste in nail polish. No harm in that, right?

8 You Have Great Style

If you like the way someone dresses and accessorizes, a great way to say this is simply, "I love your style.” It makes a simple, yet very welcomed compliment anyone will receive well.

9 You’re so Polite

Another simple compliment to give someone is just to tell them how nice they are. It doesn’t have to be something on the exterior your compliment them with. Perhaps they have great manners, or are just friendly. Tell them so!

10 This is a Great Meal

Going over to someone’s house for dinner? Tell them they gave you a great meal. All cooks and people hosting an event like to hear this, and it’s an easy compliment to give to someone in exchange for a great meal.

11 You’re a Great Cook

This is the perfect compliment for your boyfriend’s or husband’s mom or sister! If you’re eating a meal prepared on behalf of someone else who did a great job, tell them how great of a cook they are. Maybe you’ll get a second invite!

12 Those Flowers Are Nice on Your Desk

I always admire other people’s flowers whenever I go into someone’s office or home, especially if they’re really nice. This is an easy compliment to give someone that isn’t directed at them, but that will be received well. It can also be a less personal compliment to use, which is better for situations like job interviews where you don’t want to come over as over the top or fake.

13 You Have Great Taste in Sports

If you’re going into a man’s house or office and you’re not sure what to say, but you notice he has some sports memorabilia on his walls, desk, etc. that you like, tell him you like his taste in sports. Men will love this compliment, and it’s fairly casual. Just be sure you mean it when you say it, because he’ll likely ask you who your favorite player is, so you better know the answer!

14 You Have Great Taste in Books

I love finding out what other people read. If it’s something I like, I tell them so! Next time you see a book laying out that someone has, or they speak of one they recently read that sounds interesting to you, tell them. They might even let you borrow it.

15 I Love Your Car

Lastly, though superficial as it may be, everyone who has a nice car likes to hear it. If you like someone’s car, give them the high road for a moment and tell them. It’s an easy, indirect compliment that starts a conversation and makes them feel more at ease.

Complimenting others is a great way to start a conversation and to get to know someone. It can also be the easy start of meeting a new friend. Do you have a favorite compliment you like to give people?

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