15 Easy Compliments to Give Someone You Meet for the First Time ...


Meeting new people is never easy, but with a few compliments to give people you meet for the first time, it can be a breeze to break the ice. Keep in mind that you always want to be genuine when complimenting others. Don’t just say something if you don’t mean it, but if you find something you could compliment someone on that you genuinely admire about them, then tell them! It can be as simple as the type of shoes they have on, to the way they’re wearing their hair. Either way, compliments break the ice and create an easier avenue for talking to someone. Some of these are better for women than men, and a couple are even useful for job interviews, but each one can be condition specific, so pick the most appropriate one.

1. I Love Your Outfit

Ladies, one of the best compliments to give people you meet for the first time is a sense of appreciation for their outfit. Who doesn’t love to be complimented on what they’re wearing? If this is a man, you may want to keep it simple and say something like, “Nice shirt”, but if it is a woman, feel free to gush over her blouse, dress, gym tank, etc. This will break down barriers, and make her feel good too. If you’re lucky, she might even tell you where she got it!

That Jewelry is so Cute!
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