Do You Undermine Sisterhood

By Kennisha

Do You Undermine  Sisterhood

Do you undermine sisterhood? Here's an unspoken yet pretty well-known truth: most men respect and are more loyal to their "brotherhood" than women are to their "sisterhood." A woman would easily betray her friend before a man would betray his. A woman would hate on, be jealous of and talk about her friend before a man would do any of that to his friends.

It's so sad, yet weirdly fascinating that we women can act this way toward one another as if it becomes second nature to us. Where does the mentality come from to instantly not like another woman because of how she looked at you or because she rubbed you the wrong way the first time you met her? Are we born this way?

True sisterhood seems to be a dying breed in this world, even amongst women who are biological sisters. It would seem that most women's insecurities, like lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem, rear their ugly heads when face to face with another woman. Some play the part of showing "fake love" to other women so well that they should receive an Oscar, while others can't congratulate or compliment another woman without a sarcastic remark or stank look. So, do you undermine sisterhood?

Why does it seem so hard for women to be genuinely and sincerely happy for other women? Why is it an automatic inclination to find the bad in another woman before trying to find the good?

Men are much better friends to each other than us women are. Men rarely gossip and judge their boys, and those men who do, aren't viewed as "men" at all. We women, though, thoroughly enjoy telling our "sister's" business and judging her actions. We love being in competition with one another even though we'll post a selfie on IG with a lame caption stating how we're not in competition with anyone (insert smirk emoji).

True friendships amongst women are a rarity to find. Who wouldn't want a group of dope women friends that are there for you no matter what, support you in everything you do and are 100 percent loyal and true at all times? The saying goes, "keep your friends close and your enemies even closer." I think that should be reversed. You should keep your enemies close and your friends even closer because your friends are your blind spot. They can backstab you and betray you before you even see it coming.

We should be empowering each other! If you see another woman going through something you can help her with, then help her. Don't talk about, laugh at, or judge her. What she is going through today could be your own situation tomorrow.

To be blunt, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THE SUPER WACK "CATTY" BULLSHIT! We, women, are exquisitely beautiful and divine creatures. We each possess our own unique and majestic qualities and capabilities. Men would not last very long on this earth at all without us. It's like James Brown said, "It's a man's world but it wouldn't be nothing without a woman or a girl."

Let's do better ladies!!

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