Don't You Deserve a Little More Happiness in Your Life ?

By Deeceebee

I’m going to share my favourite ways to be happier in your life. At a very basic level, wouldn’t you agree that one of the most important things in life is to be happy? When a person is happy on a broad scale, you are much more able to dodge the punches and jump the road bumps that life will inevitably throw you from time to time. Here are fourteen ways to be happier in your life.

1 Self Focus

fashion, socialite, crowd, event, audience, Try to spend some more time focusing on yourself rather than worrying about others. At the end of the day, you can’t be helpful to others if you don’t help yourself first.

2 Re-evaluate

human hair color, head, hairstyle, girl, forehead, Take some time to re-evaluate all the big factors of your life. Are you happy with your job? Are you satisfied with your relationship? Are all of your friendships healthy? If the answer to any is no, then you know where to start changing.

3 Travel

photography, sky, font, stock photography, sand, You can do wonders for your happiness by getting out of your usual setting for a while and going travelling. New scenery and new experience can do the world of good.

4 Let Things Go

mammal, vertebrate, purple, sky, fictional character, Try not to hold grudges to much. It does no good to stay hung up on things that you have not power to change.

5 Make Plans

photo caption, Put positivity back in to your life by making fun and exciting plans for the future. It gives you something to look forward to in your low moments.

6 Clear Your Head

human, organism, great ape, photo caption, primate, Look into a touch of light mediation that encourages you to rid your mind of all thoughts that are not necessary or pertinent to your current life.

7 Avoid Social Media

musician, outerwear, product, music, jeans, Take a break from all of the social media platforms, they have a knack of sending people who are already in a bad place in to an even worse place through both constant conflict and comparison envy.

8 Better Choices

car, photo caption, girl, product, Try to make better choices when it comes to things like spending money, giving your time and physical activity. Go for a long walk with a friend rather than going to the pub again for the third time this week.

9 Cut off Bad Influences

hair, human hair color, beauty, hairstyle, long hair, Distance yourself from people who are not providing you with positive and helpful energy in your life. Toxic friendships can be really detrimental to mental health.

10 Routine

hair, human hair color, blond, eyebrow, hairstyle, To not feel hopeless and lost on a regular basis, come up with a strong routine that you can stick to and find comfort in.

11 Spring Clean

room, textile, bedroom, girl, Make the effort to have big clear out in your home. Get rid of things that hold bad memories and that you just don’t need anymore. You will feel refreshed by the new space you create.

12 Exercise

ecosystem, grass, grassland, arm, joint, It can’t be underestimated just how beneficial exercise can be for your mind as well as your body. The endorphins released can give your emotional state a real boost.

13 Talk about It

human hair color, blond, girl, sky, long hair, Don’t be afraid to let others know about your state of unhappiness. The longer you keep negative feelings locked inside, the more likely they are to increase and burst at the worst time.

14 Project

floor, sitting, flooring, leg, shoulder, Give yourself a project to complete that will give you something to focus on and put your passion and attention in to. Completed projects always provide a sense of great satisfaction.

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