7 Deep and Thought-Provoking Questions to Think about ...


Have you ever had a moment when random questions pop into your head and the more time you spend dwelling on those thought provoking questions, the more they blow your mind? This happens to me quite often, it might be the books that I am reading or the concepts that I am learning but just the thought of those ideas really makes me wonder. How much do we really know about the world and ourselves? Do we have complete control over our lives? Keep on reading for 7 deep and thought provoking questions that could take you awhile to think about.

1. Pictures

Have you ever looked though your pictures and saw strangers in the background? Who were they and what were they doing? It really makes me wonder how many strangers have me in their backgrounds and how many times I’ve been a part of their memories. I could have been present during one of the most important moments of their lives without even knowing it. So imagine how many people have a picture with you in the background framed in their living room and how many people you are connected to without even knowing it. This is one of the most thought provoking questions that really makes you wonder.

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