7 Cute Henna Designs You'll Want to Try ...

By Michelle

Henna designs have been rising in popularity over the past few years. They’re great for the warmer weather because you can flaunt your fabulous designs without committing to a lifetime of ink. Plus, you can easily change it up once the henna fades. These are some of my favorite henna designs that I think are perfect for this spring.

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1 Simplicity

Simplicity Cute henna designs don’t have to be packed with endless swirls and flowers. Sometimes a simple henna pattern or design is much more striking than something over-the-top. You don’t want it to look too busy, that’s for sure. The top of the foot is a subtle, easily covered but beautiful place to show off henna as you start to wear flip-flops and sandals in the warmer weather.

2 Elegant

Elegant You want your henna to look classy, not trashy. By focusing on the thumb, the tips of the fingers and your palm, you can make your hand look elegant. It kind of looks like she’s wearing a glove in this photo. .

3 Across the Hand

Across the Hand If you do it right, across the top of the hand can be a very stylish henna. Your design can stretch from the tip of the index finger to the outside edge of the wrist or cover the entire area. Add flowers, dots or leaves to trace the path. Using a swirl design down the fingers will make it sexy and playful.

4 Temp Tattoo

Temp Tattoo The great thing about hennas is that they are like temporary tattoos but last longer, with the promise of fading away. So why not get a henna in a tattoo idea you have always dreamed of? You may never decide to get it, but it’s fun to play around with the idea and see how it looks. I personally like this flowering design because it opens the possibility for so much detail but its simplicity makes it stunning.

5 Shoulder

Shoulder Isn’t this adorable? Shoulders are a good place to put hennas because you can easily cover them with a shirt or cardigan but have plenty of room to show off when desired. Have fun with it!

6 Bare Foot

Bare Foot The top of the foot can look great if you add a stylish henna to it, but don’t be fooled into thinking the bigger the better. My experience with henna is that you can have a beautiful and eye-catching piece with fine lines and a simple pattern. Consider having a diamond in the center of your foot like this photo illustrates, with a line of flowers spreading over the rest of the foot.

7 Pregnant

Pregnant Pregnant? No worries! You can use henna dye to decorate your tummy safely. I think it’s cute to add a design, especially to show off when you are concerned about your pregnancy weight-gain. Whether or not you want to show it off, having a stomach henna tattoo during pregnancy can lead to adorable photos that you won’t want to miss!

Henna tattoos are great because you can decorate your body without committing to the permanence of a real tattoo. Who knows, you might just find yourself falling in love with the whole henna art. What are some other cute henna designs that you like?

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I am half Indian, and not only do I use henna for serious cultural reasons, I use it for fun. Nobody is mocking anyone's religion. In fact, I am a white woman (I got my dad's European genes for pale skin) and I use it as a fashion statement. it is a temporary tattoo. It's fun! it's cool and original when ANYONE wears it. I've seen many colored women try it! so don't listen to any other comments about how this is wrong! it's perfectly ok for anyone to try henna because it's fun and temporary and allows expression of taste and expression of oneself.

thank you to everyone for agreeing that henna is cool and fun and anyone should try it :)

Google Henna for medicine.

I'm Pakistani and really who cares who wears henna it's not some sacred gift it's HENNA. I don't understand why such desis are upset I mean people from other cultures are taking an interest and are excited about something related to your culture! it's fun! it doesn't affect you in any way so why do you are? there's nothing wrong with learning about a persons culture and enjoying it. who ever said that henna is only for desis? that's ridiculous and selfish! you don't see the Japanese getting upset because some of their clothing styles have been used as models for current clothing ("fashion kimonos"). "sharing is caring" right?

yea aliza i second your opinion im pakistani too, its the best part of our culture and girls and women used it from ages and its meant for every occassion..in this article they should highlight about the color of henna too as its not always greenish its red when that so called tatoo will be off

nobody is mocking anyone's *culture* (I accidentally wrote religion- sorry!) :)

as for the models in the images, most of the hands seemed Asian to me. 'heart shaped box' stop writing in English, it's not for stupid logic- stop mocking the goras. See how stupid that sounds? that's exactly how you sound - racist and mean.

i like henna on a special occasion like eid and wedding events

I just got one done this weekend and I love it. They look so pretty! I wish I could upload a picture of mine


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