7 Cute Compliments to Give That Aren't about Appearance ...


There are cute compliments to give your friends, family, and crush that aren't about their appearance. It's nice when someone comments on how beautiful you are, but it's even better when the compliments are personal ones about your personality. It shows that you're more than just a pretty face. Here are some cute compliments to give someone else the next time you want to cause a smile:

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I Love Being around You

Even your closest friends can get worried that they're boring you. Remind them that you love being around them, and that spending time with them makes you happy. This is one of the cute compliments to give others that will let them know how much you cherish them. You're lucky to have such great people in your life, so you might as well let them know how much they mean to you.


You're so Talented

Don't assume that everyone realizes just how talented they are. If your friend plays soccer or your mother knits you sweaters, make sure to tell them that they're amazing at their craft. They might not have gotten praise from anyone else, and will be happy to hear that their hard work isn't for nothing. A little compliment from you can mean a whole lot to them, so take the time to say it.


You're Hysterical

People like to make others laugh. If your friend always causes you to crack up, tell them how much you appreciate it. If they sent you a funny text and you responded with "lol" they might not know your true reaction, so the next time you see them, tell them how hard it made you laugh. They'll be proud that they produced such a big reaction.


You Made My Day

When someone compliments you, you can compliment them right back. When your friend comments on how amazing you are or when your boyfriend buys you a box of chocolates, tell them that they made your day. There's really no higher compliment, so they'll be flattered.


I Can Be Myself around You

It's hard to be yourself when you're pressured to act a certain way by the media, your family, and your peers. If you can totally be yourself around someone else, without fear of being judged, it's a special thing. Let your friend know how comfortable they make you feel, because it's a rare thing to accomplish.


You Have a Beautiful Mind

Instead of complimenting your crush's beautiful body, compliment his beautiful mind. You're not necessarily calling him smart. You're just saying that you love the way his mind works. Maybe you're complimenting his creativity or maybe you're commenting on his killer math skills--either way, it's sweet.


I Wish More People Were like You

If you're so crazy about your pal that you wish everyone else acted like them, let them know. It's refreshing to hear that your personality is loved. Even if your friend appears confident, she has her own insecurities, so she'll be cheered up by hearing how much you adore her.

Don't keep your comments to yourself when you have something nice to say. Believe it or not, everyone has doubts about themselves, so your compliment might be exactly what they needed to hear. What's the greatest compliment that you've ever received?

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Aww this was beautiful! Great post :) I've always had the honor of people thanking me for being a true friend.

Good compliments Holly thanks for the post :) Well quite some good ones but sometimes when I don't feel like my self and feel a bit off I am reminded of when I was very ill where my boyfriend at that time (now ex) said: " I melt by the sight of you.. " it makes me smile and also giggle a bit so beautiful compliments are never forgotten.. Merry Christmas 🎅

thats really sweet beryl! :)

My grandson once said " nan,you like everyone. I've never heard you say you dislike anybody."

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