Cool Usernames to Use on the Web ...


Cool Usernames to Use on the Web ...
Cool Usernames to Use on the Web ...

While it's a dead art now, the fun of choosing a username (or changing your username) on AIM and MSN Messenger was all the rage a decade or so ago, but who says we can't do that now?! Nothing wrong with wanting cool usernames when you're surfing the web or perhaps playing a game online. Sick of using the same boring name on websites that's generic and plain? Maybe looking to jazz up your email a bit? Check out this list of cool usernames to use next time you're setting up a profile.

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- Autumn Spring: Or another seasonal mix.

- Lollipop

- Eleven's Heaven

- Candycane Miss

- Cupcake Hugs: Try mixing it up and using K's like a Kardashian.

- Ladybird

- Daisy Monster: Terrifying or sweet? Guess they'll have to find out.

- Dimple Doll

- Marshmallow

- Bubblegum

- Hippie Sunshine

- Hot Cupid

- Live Chic: This shows your classy side.

- Magic Peach

- Pizza Queen

- Peace Hug: Show your hippie side with this cool username.

- Pretty Pumpkin

- Sizzling Teapot: This name shows your wild and unpredictable side like a teapot at full boil.

- Rainbow Sweety

- I Dream Of Unicorns

- Champagne Fabulous

- Offline Citizen: Show the world your life doesn't revolve around the web.



- Use a username generator to get a good username.

- Ava Spring

- Bless of Life

- Cutie Chick

- Cupcake Kisses

- Mix your first and last name: You don't have to worry about forgetting it!

- A childhood nickname makes a great username.

- Candy Master

- Diva Doll

- Emjoi Queen

- Sincerely [name]: This is great for a blogger.

- A hobby of yours makes a good username; especially if you can do a funny play on words with it like IG user InkandFable.

- Gallant Girl

- Happy Cry

- Ice Queen

- Jinx Spirit

- [name]Madness

- Use your favorite TV show or movie as inspo for a good username.

- Lollipop Fit

- [name]Ashes

- A favorite animal/pet could make a good username; especially if they have a unique name.



- Definitely Not A Therapist

- Elfish Presley

- Powerful Oreo

- Scary Pony: I mean really, is there such a thing?

- OMG Becky

- Girl With No Job: already used on IG but so funny!

- Fluffy

- False Life

- Witchtoria: A funny play on the name Victoria

- Whos Your Cookie

- I_Am_Chubby: NO body-shaming allowed! But it is funny.

- I_Killed_Cupid

- Been_There_Done_That

- Smoochy

- Snuggles

- Anonymouse

- Bitchy_Tude

- Cereal Killer: See that funny play on words?

- Queen Kong

- Hello Hell

- Jelly Butt

- Messy Bun Gettin Suff Done

- Messy Hair Dont Care

- Love My Bun

- Half Pint



- The Momster

- Bon Bon

- Waffles

- Cupcake

- Princess

- Sweet Pea

- Fuzzykins

- Lipstick Lover

- Sleeping Beauty: This is great if you like naps.

- Cuddling Puppies

- Use a Disney Princess or other character name!

- Mystical Glimpse

- Reference your favorite hairstyle.

- Cream Twinkie

- Wonder Womans Daughter

- Wise N Witty

- Visual Kitten

- Summer Breeze

- Fawn: Because what's cuter than a baby deer?!

- Ivy

- Legacy

- Velvet

- Vanity



- Cowgirl Up: Just make sure guys don't take this the wrong way... and they just might depending where you're using it!

- Makeup Queen

- Goddess

- Wallet And Purse

- Crazy Cat Lady: Like one listed above, try using K's instead!

- Mega Cupcake

- Pizza Ninja

- Quantum Girl

- Ultimate Girl: Show them who's boss online!

- Polka Dot Cutie

- Short N Sweet

- Clumzie

- Glitzy Piggy

- Fancy Honey

- Dazzling Sweetie

- Friendly Meteor Shower

- Purple Spring: Maybe choose your favorite flower.

- Tattoo Snow Queen

- Wonder Womans Daughter: Shows your strong fierceness.

- Dream Weaver

- Hell's Angel

- Caffeine Queen

- Vixen



- Gleaming Queen

- Neon Girl

- Twilight

- Top Knot Queen

- Glitzy Girl

- Girly Girl

- Dazzling Darling

- Precious

- Diamond Guardian

- Sparkling Sparkles

- Sexy Shortie

- Grinning Pixie

- Dollface

- Try using a pseudonym online. Just find a name you like (baby name sites are a great start) and use that to form a cool username

- Sweet Sorrow

- Moon Beam

- Magnolia: Or another pretty delicate flower. Flowers are pretty and you want your username to match.

- Fate

- Dreamcatcher

- Miss Fortune



- WalkingDictionary: This is great if you love English or writing.

- VioletDreams

- [color]Princess

- Snowbelle

- Sparkles

- JumpingJupiter: Planet usernames are totally unique and fun!

- PinkPickle

- HappyWow

- HappyBunnie

- Babycake Ballerina: A great username for a dancer.

- Cute Melon

- Starry Sweetie

- Forever Dandelion: Or perhaps another flower/plant.

- Sweet Moshi

- Super Mockingbird: Or another bird.

- Girl Dreamer

- Bubble Soul

- Donut Darling

- Peach Hug

- Hip Sunshine

- Storm

- Jubilee

- Edgy Princess

- Black Heart

- Falling Slowly

- Nova

- Roulette

- Temperance

- Malevolence

- Vex

- Diviner

- Sorceress



- Bender

- Dragon Queen

- Titanium

- Tempest

- Lightning

- Iron Heart: I mean really... how cool is this?!

- Rebel

- Hell Raiser

- Jaguar

- Bomber

- Demolition Train

- The Great Demise

- Katana: Look up Mortal Combat for the reference.

- Black Mamba

- Belladonna

- Beretta

- Nightmare

- Cougar

- Countess

- Enchantress

- You could always mix these or use these in username you're going for to really get a bold and daring effect.

What do you think of this list? Do you like any of these cool usernames? What's the coolest username you've ever used online.

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