17 Charts That Tell You What Your Favorite Things Say about You ...


Have you ever wondered what your favorite color said about you? What about your favorite car? Or your favorite shoes? Well, you don't have to wonder anymore, because you're going to find out today! All you have to do is a little bit of reading. Get ready, because here are a few different charts that'll tell you what your favorite things say about you:

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Shoes It's hard to decide if you prefer stilettos or sneakers, but it's time to make your choice. Don't worry--you won't be stuck wearing the one you choose for the rest of your life.



Coffee Think about the type of coffee you always buy from Starbucks. Know what it is? Now check this chart.


Casino Game

Casino Game Even if you're too young to visit casinos, you probably have some sort of idea about what type of game you'd love to play there.


Social Network

Social Network Which social network do you waste the most time on? The way you use technology can tell you a lot about yourself.



Dog It doesn't matter what breed of dog you currently own. It matters what breed of dog you've always dreamt about owning since you were a little girl.


Ice Cream

Ice Cream Don't drool over this chart. You can have a snack once you're finished reading it.



Color Everyone has a favorite color. What's yours?


The hues you're drawn to can be very telling about your personality. For instance, if you find yourself gravitating towards blues, you might be known for your calm and reliable nature. On the other hand, fans of reds often exude passion and energy. Those who proclaim yellow as their go-to might be the life of the party, radiating positivity wherever they go. And for the lovers of green, a sense of growth and harmony could be central to your being. So think about it – does your color preference reflect your inner self?



Beer If you haven't reached the drinking age yet, you can skip right past this chart. There's no need to drink beer before the law says you can.



Dessert There are so many delicious desserts that it's hard to choose a favorite. Of course, you can do it! What is your sweet tooth telling you?


Drunk Food

Drunk Food If you've gotten drunk before, you've probably had weird food cravings. We all want that special burger when we're feeling hungover.


Whether it's a greasy slice of pizza or a mountain of salty fries, these cravings are your body's way of telling you it needs some comfort—stat! And honestly, who are we to argue with such compelling biological demands? So go ahead, embrace the magic of munchie runs after a night out. Just remember to hydrate and enjoy every bite of that guilty pleasure. After all, your taste in drunk food might just reveal your need for indulgent self-care and a zest for life's flavorful moments. Cheers to satisfying those late-night delights!



Car It doesn't matter if you can drive yet, because you can still use this chart. Just think about what color car you've always wanted to have. You know you've thought about it.


Sleeping Position

Sleeping Position You might not know how you sleep, which is why you should pay attention to your position tonight when you climb into bed. It can tell you a lot about your personality.



Desk Is your desk organized or cluttered? Is it filled with technology or with plants?


Instagram Filter

Instagram Filter Which filter do you use the most when you upload a picture to Instagram? Don't lie.



Handwriting The way you write is more meaningful than you think. Pay attention to how much pressure you put on your pen and how much space you leave in between lines.



Underwear What type of lingerie makes you feel the sexiest? Red, blue, black, or white?



Hands Take a second to look down at your hands. See how long your life line and heart line is, and what shape they take. Then consult the chart to figure out what it all means.

If you haven't looked over these charts yet, it's time to do so! It's crazy how accurate some of them can be. Which one of these charts was the most accurate for you?

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Facebook still owns everybody

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