11 Charming 😇 Words to Use 💭 to Un-Cliché Your Compliments 😊 ...


Instead of calling someone ‘hot’ or even ‘beautiful,' you should use more charming words to make your compliments stand out. No one wants to hear the same things uttered over and over again. If you give someone a compliment that they’ve never heard before, they’re going to remember it. Here are a few charming words to throw into your sentences the next time you’re praising someone:

1. Wondrous

It sounds and means the same thing that ‘wonderful' does, except it has a bit of a twist. It’s not used all that often, which makes it sound special. Wouldn’t you love someone to describe you by using it? ‘Wondrous’ is one of the charming words that will get a smile out of anyone. There’s just something sweet about it.

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