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Fire up Your Vocabwith These Awesome Alternative Words for Awesome - LOL

By Jennifer

Not everything can be awesome, right? An "awesome" dinner can actually be "tasty"; an "awesome" movie could be "riveting"; and an "awesome" first date might have actually been "magical." With so many other words to use instead, The Write Life Magazine has some alternative words for awesome .

1 Splendid

This word is so much fun to say, and can be used to describe just about anything.

2 Divine

For some reason, I like this word to describe chocolate. It's much more descriptive than "awesome."

3 Extraordinary

Again, a lot of fun to say, and it sounds serious, doesn't it?

4 Glorious

We don't use this word often enough, but think about sunsets... they can be glorious, right? I also love how this word was used in Big Hero Six.

5 Smashing

I'm not sure why, but "smashing" has a British feel to it, doesn't it?

6 Dynamite

Use this word to describe anything that's more dynamic and has more pop than "awesome" can happen.

7 Majestic

Lions and eagles and mountains are majestic. I mean, they can be awesome, but isn't majestic more fitting?

8 Magical

Think first dates, Harry Potter, and a night of star-gazing. And fireflies.

9 Wonderful

I don't love this word, but it's another alternative to "awesome," and it works.

10 Lovely

This is one of my all-time favorite words, ideal for describing a day of shopping with the girls or just one of the girls.

11 Outstanding

For some reason, I like to use this one for sports.

12 Incredible

I use this one whenever there's an element of disbelief thrown in.

13 Astonishing

This one's a lot of fun to use. It's so unexpected!

14 Tasty

Obviously you can use it to describe food, but I'm sure there are other ways you can use it, too.

15 Riveting

I'd love to have a book or photograph of mine described using this word. How flattering would that be!

16 Charming

Just about anything can be described this way, but only if it truly is charming.

17 Gorgeous

It's a higher level of pretty.

18 Intense

Use this one for food, or an experience.

18 Brilliant

It's a step up from "bright."

19 Striking

You can use this to describe a work of art, someone's look, or just about anything with eye-catching visual appeal.

20 Formidable

"Awesome" can be used to describe something slightly scary and daunting, and "formidable" can do that job, too.

21 Thrilling

Roller-coasters and movies, for sure, can be thrilling, not just awesome.

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