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17 Best Love Quotes That Know Exactly How You Feel ...

By Lisa

The best love quotes make you feel something. They’re not just words on a paper or computer screen, they resonate with you and make you feel as though your feelings are completely understood. Whether you’re in like, love or just love to read beautiful quotes, I think you’ll enjoy reading these best love quotes!

1 When You First Meet

When You First MeetVia Lovendar: Love Quotes: Best Love ...
In my opinion. this quote is one of the best love quotes that describe how one feels when you first meet someone. You never know who will end up meaning so much to you.

2 Learning How to Ride a Bike

Learning How to Ride a BikeVia I love you the same ...
Learning to ride a bike is indeed scary, but isn't it just like falling in love?


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3 Kiss Me

Kiss MeVia 12 Best Love Quotes Of ...
This love quote isn't about a couple in love, but Peeta and Katniss make a great couple, don't they?

4 Make Someone Smile

Make Someone SmileVia
This is another love quote about meeting new people. Remember to keep an open mind because you never know where love will find you!

5 Love Stories

Love StoriesVia 12 Best Love Quotes Of ...
Who says love stories have to be long or short? All love stories are special in their own way.

6 I Am Not the Best

I Am Not the BestVia I am not the best ...
You don't have to be perfect to love someone with all of your heart.

7 He Needs You

He Needs YouVia Lovendar: Love Quotes: Best Love ...
Don't ever settle for someone who doesn't make you feel wanted. You deserve to love someone who loves and needs you just as much.

8 You Should Be Kissed Often

You Should Be Kissed OftenVia 12 Best Love Quotes Of ...
Rhett Butler knows his stuff. All people should be shown affection and most importantly, by someone who knows how!

9 Love Changes Everything

Love Changes EverythingVia Love Quotes for Facebook Status
Such a simple yet impactful statement. If you've ever loved someone you know how love can change you.

10 I Love You

I Love YouVia Lovendar: Love Quotes: Best Love ...
This gets my vote as another one of the best love quotes! Loving someone isn't about talking, it's about showing.

11 All You Need

All You NeedVia 12 Best Love Quotes Of ...
Whenever life gets tough remember that all you really need is love. If you have love, you're rich.

12 A Woman Can't Change a Man

A Woman Can't Change a ManVia As we grow up, we ...
Never get in a relationship with someone and try to change him/her. If your partner wants to change, it's up to them, not you.

13 Same Souls

Same SoulsVia 12 Best Love Quotes Of ...
What a powerful love quote! Have you ever felt like your soul was made of the same as your partners?

14 I’ll Always Kiss You like Kissing You

I’ll Always Kiss You like Kissing YouVia
Showering the person you love with kisses and affection is one of the best things about being in love.

15 What is Love?

What is Love?Via love quotes Search on
Love is interpreted in many different ways.

16 Anything is Possible

Anything is PossibleVia 12 Best Love Quotes Of ...
When you're in love, your partner should make you feel supported and most of all, loved.

17 My Heart and My Soul

My Heart and My SoulVia Lovendar: Love Quotes: Best Love ...
Has love spoken to your heat and kissed your soul?

There are so many great love quotes! I love reading them to inspire me to find new ways to express my love to my partner and to look back at our past when we first met and how far we've come as a couple. Do you have an all-time favorite love quote that's dear to you? Please share it with us!

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