9 Best Designer Quotes This Fashionista Holds Close to Heart ...

The best designer quotes always have a place in my inspiration book and, before you ask, yes I do have a little old-school diary-like thingy I use to write down nice, wise, thought-provoking or simply mood-lifting things people say. Itโ€™s a habit my literature teacher encouraged us students to embrace and a nice practice I think all creative souls could benefit from. If youโ€™re a fashionista like me, you might want to include some quotes about fashion too, starting with these youโ€™ll find here. Check them out, they truly are the best designer quotes ever:

1. Marc Jacobs

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Mark, my love, this has just earned you the number one spot on my list of best designer quotes ever! I even got a bit misty-eyed for a moment here! Odd and imperfect are great โ€“ thatโ€™s what makes things and people unique.

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