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Be the Best BFF Ever with These Simple Suggestions ...

By Lisa

Finding your true blue BFF isn’t easy. Some friends come and go, some are just casual acquaintances, but when you find your bestie, you want to be the best friend possible. I mean, who else can you truly be weird around or share your deepest, darkest secrets with? Your BFF always knows how to make you feel better after you’ve had a bad day, laughs at all your silly jokes, and you can have fun with him/her no matter what you do. Show your bestie how much he/she means to you with these tips on how you can be the best BFF!

1 Be Reliable

A large part of being a good friend is to be dependable. Be on time and don't flake when you make plans, follow through if you commit to something, and just be there for him/her. Best friends rely on one another to help one another out in a jam or be there to offer a supportive shoulder to cry on. Be the kind of friend who can be counted on and your bestie feels she can trust to be there for her no matter what-not just when it’s convenient.

2 Be Supportive

Sometimes we go through periods in our life where it seems like all these fantastic things are happening to everyone but us. Maybe your bestie got the internship you wanted or he got a better grade than you in a class. Times like this can make being happy and showing your support for your best friend difficult, but it’s still important to show your enthusiasm for your BFF’s good fortune! Even if you’re feeling jealous or competitive, remember that she’s your very best friend and you only want the best for her so show her lots of love!

3 Be a Good Listener

It’s natural to want to give our bestie some sage advice whenever he comes to us with a dilemma, but there are times when he needs for us to just listen. Sometimes your BFF just needs a good vent session rather than a Q&A. No matter how much you might want to share your opinion about something, be mindful that there will be times when she just needs to get some things off her chest without any judgment or opinions.

4 Be Honest

There might be people out there who just want their friends to tell them what they want to hear, but a real friend will be honest. No matter if her outfit of choice is not the most flattering or her partying ways have gotten a little out of control, be honest and genuine. Don’t confuse being honest with your friend with being catty. There are ways to be honest without being mean-spirited. Just keep in mind that withholding the truth or lying won’t help your friendship in any way.

5 Be Present

These days, it’s hard to see people without their phones talking, texting, or engaging with others on social media. There’s nothing wrong with doing any of those things, especially if you’re sharing a fun moment with a friend, but there is a time and place for it. When you’re hanging out with your BFF, make her your priority and put the technology away. No one wants to be second choice next to your smartphone!

6 Make Your BFF a Priority

Maybe you have a large circle of friends, have a ton of responsibilities, made some new friends, or are in a new relationship. Whatever the case may be, be sure to make time for your BFF and make him/her a priority. No matter how busy life gets, don’t forget to make time for those who truly matter. We wouldn’t want our friends to forget about us when life got busy for them or they have a new significant other!

7 Be Respectful

Last but not least, be respectful. Avoid being judgmental or gossiping about her and if you disagree about something, do so in a considerate way. If you ever wonder whether an action is respectful or not, ask yourself whether you would like for it to happen to you. A lot of what makes a good friend is treating him/her the way you would want to be treated!

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to be an even better best friend? Or would you like to share what makes your BFF the best? We’d love to hear your tips on how to be a top-notch BFF!

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