Badass πŸ’ͺ Skills to Skyrocket πŸš€ Your Confidence 😏 ...

Want some badass skills to skyrocket your confidence? Ever felt like you have the personality of a superstar but only around the people closest to you, while the other half of the time you're quite and insecure about how others see you?

When I was still in school I was such a nervous wreck! It's was insane how much of what others thought of me made me so worried and in a constant state of panic, while I thought so highly of others. I knew I needed to make a change for the better; I had zero confidence for the majority of elementary and high school. I learned different skills that with time and commitment helped me grow as a person and allowed me to keep my head up while others looked down on me.

Remember to love yourself first with these badass skills to skyrocket your confidence.

1. Confidence

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Ah! Confidence - what everyone wants and only some naturally portray. Now the question is, how can I gain more confidence? This is where fake it till you make it really comes into action. Unfortunately, there isn't any overnight remedies or over the counter prescription that you can take to be able to become a confident badass within a few weeks. So until that day comes, we will all have to take the time to add different routines into our lives to get to where we want to be.

I started off with the old school "What do you love about yourself?" question, ugh! I know what you're all going to say, "That's so cheesy and stupid" but trust me after some time of doing this you will notice a difference. Stand in front of a mirror and take a close look of yourself - your eyes, nose, lips, skin, hair - and notice how pretty you are and remember to say these things out loud with conviction! If in the beginning its hard to say that you like your physical traits then start off with how amazing your personality is, whatever works for you! It's more about seeing how great you are without having to need compliments or acceptance from others.

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