7 Awesome Ways to Express Your Artistic Side ...


7 Awesome Ways to Express Your Artistic Side ...
7 Awesome Ways to Express Your Artistic Side ...

There are so many fun ways to express your artistic side! Maybe your creative side has got a bit lost, or you think that being artistic is only for "talented" people. Everyone can have fun with their artistic side though; it isn't just about painting or drawing. Here are some ways to express your artistic side and bring out your creativity …

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Creating Clothing

One of the wonderful ways to express your artistic side is in the way you dress. Colorful, eccentric or eye-catching clothing allows you to be arty every day if you want to. Customise your clothing for a truly individual outfit. You don't have to dress in an over-the-top fashion though. You can simply add an incredible accessory to give an artistic slant to your outfit.


Clothing is a great way to express your artistic side. You can customize your clothing for a truly unique outfit. You don't have to go over the top to be arty. You can add an amazing accessory to give your outfit an artistic flair.

You can also use clothing to express yourself in other ways. For example, you can wear clothing that reflects your culture, beliefs, or values. You can even wear clothing that expresses your political views.

You can also use clothing to create a unique statement. You can choose clothing that is bold and colorful or subtle and sophisticated. You can also mix and match different pieces to create a look that is all your own.

Clothing can also be used to show off your creative side. You can use clothing to showcase your artwork, photography, or other creative endeavors. You can even use clothing to show off your skills in sewing, knitting, or other crafts.

Finally, clothing can be used to make a statement. You can wear clothing to make a statement about your lifestyle, beliefs, or values. You can also use clothing to make a statement about the world around you.


Decorating Your Home

Or why not let your artistic side loose on your home? Minimalist interiors show nothing of the owner's character (except maybe that they're incredibly tidy and like a plain look). Make your home a reflection of yourself. It's your home, so you can do whatever you want to it. Make art, display found objects, paint crazy murals, or use textiles. Truly personalise your home.



Sure, we all dreamed of being famous actors or writers when we were young. But even if we're not destined to make it big, there are still many outlets for artistic interests. Write poetry and read it at events. Join a drama group. Sing with a choir. Form a band. There are so many ways to perform. Don't worry about nerves - just get up there and have a go.



Everyone can be a writer these days and find an audience for their work (however small). Is there something that you are passionate about? Start a blog. Or write just for the love of writing. Write for your own interest or for your children to read one day. Keep a notebook close by, so that you can scribble down anything you think of. Who knows where it may lead?


Playing with Kids

Kids are an excellent guide to being creative. They don't worry about being 'wrong', looking silly, or producing something that isn't perfect; instead, they just get on with expressing whatever comes into their head. So play with kids and act like they do. It could unlock the key to creativity that lurks inside you.


Fantastic Photography

It's so easy these days to take good pictures. You can even take pretty good photos with phone cameras, and the beauty of digital is that you can delete photos that don't work and try again. Plus, photo software is easily available, so that you can improve and alter your shots, and add creative effects. Have fun with your photos and see what you can do with them.


New Experiences

Being open to new experiences is also a way of being creative. Creativity is about making or doing something new. So open yourself up to trying something you’ve never done before. It doesn't need to be massively ambitious. Just be adventurous enough to venture outside familiar things and trying something different.

Let go of the idea that being artistic is only worthwhile if you can make a living from it. Enjoy being artistic for its own sake. Create for your own enjoyment and the pure pleasure of being artistic. What is your favorite way of being creative?

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