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With my 30th birthday coming up, I’ve been trying to focus on the many awesome things about turning 30, rather than the slight sadness I feel about leaving behind the “youthful” days of my 20s. Do you also have a milestone 30th birthday on the horizon? Since everyone’s life experience is of course unique, these seven awesome things about turning 30 might not apply to each and every person. Even so, they are definitely true for me and just might ring true for you, as well.

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Being Older & Wiser

As bittersweet as it can be to kiss your 20s goodbye, I believe that being older and wiser is by far one of the most awesome things about turning 30. Remember all the lessons of your early 20s that you had to learn “the hard way,” whether they concerned relationships, work, finances or any other major area of life? I know I definitely do, but now that I’m about to turn 30, I take comfort in the fact that I’ll never have to go back and repeat various past mistakes.


Feeling More Confident

Along with being wiser about life in general, another great thing about turning 30 is the fact that I find myself caring less what others think of me, refusing to let negativity or ignorance derail my confidence. While some people might misinterpret the phrase “not caring what others think” as an excuse to be rude and disrespectful, I take it to mean living a positive life on my own terms.


Knowing Who You Are

We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and now that I’m about to turn 30, I have a much better understanding of my own best (and worst) qualities. In addition to no longer struggling to “find myself” as much as I did back during my early 20s, I’ve also moved beyond making decisions simply to please others.


Having Strong and Lasting Relationships

Relationships are constantly evolving and changing, but now that I’m approaching 30, I feel confident that my core support circle of family members and friends will continue to be there. I’ve taken steps to remove negative influences from my life and also know who I can genuinely count on and trust.


Enjoying More Financial Stability

Just as I’m looking forward to enjoying stable relationships during my 30s, I’m also a lot more secure in my financial situation than was true throughout the majority of my 20s. Sure, I still worry about the future and have goals that are yet to be met, but unlike when I was younger, I now have enough experience dealing with financial issues to know what I need to do in order to continue moving forward.


Appreciating What You Have

Yet another great thing about turning 30 is that it makes me appreciate more than ever before my good health, wonderful friends, comfortable home and numerous other things for which I am incredibly thankful. Unlike so many others whose lives have been unfairly cut short before they ever reach their 30s, I know I’m very lucky to be celebrating another birthday and making more amazing memories.


Looking to the Future

Finally, and importantly, turning 30 means that I hopefully still have many more great years ahead. All in all, whether we’re 30 or 80, getting older is a natural part of life, and one that is best met with joy and thankfulness, rather than disappointment or regret about past decisions that can’t be changed. Dwelling on dreams that haven't yet come true? It’s not too late to get out there and make them happen!

If you’re also on the verge of celebrating this milestone birthday, which awesome things about turning 30 are you most looking forward to? If you’re already in your 30s, what advice do you have for those of us about to make the leap?

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Just turned thirty and feeling every bit of empowered!!!!

I've been searching for an app which I can find useful...and I've found it!!!! I'm 28 yrs old and this post just made my day...it reassured me that everything will be ok as I near 30...thank you so much!!!

well, I am 30 & all I can advise you not to expect "really big changes" in your life". You must of course be happy to turn 30 & continue living your life like you used to: traveling, working, loving & caring about your relatives, but not to forget about yourself of course.

Nice write up!

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