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Having a rather strong stubborn streak, I am always ready to defend my reasons to take the road less travelled. As human beings, it is in our nature to follow paths that we are most familiar with, both because we don’t want to encounter problems in the unexpected, and because generally we don’t like to experience too much change if we don’t have to. There is definitely a level of comfort and security in following the footsteps of others in all area of your life. It is nice to be guided by others and to avoid any kind of unnecessary bumps along the way. But, is this way always the best way? I don’t think so! It takes a certain type of nerve to bite the bullet and go out on your own, no matter what specific thing you are encountering. For a little inspiration, here are some reasons to take the road less travelled!

1. It Brings New Discoveries

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It opens you up to a world of opportunities and discoveries that you might never have contemplated before. Venturing out in to the unknown doesn’t have to be a negative thing, it can also be an exciting and revelatory experience.

2. It Presents Challenges

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Taking the road less travelled is one the best things you can do if you are looking to challenge yourself at this point in your life. If you feel like you aren’t making much progress in your life, take the challenge to change it proactively by seeking out previously unchartered territory.

3. It is Fulfilling

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Making new and different choices is really the only way to make sure that your life is as fulfilling as it can possibly be. Can you truly say that you are satisfied with your lot if you don’t know what might be waiting for you down the unfamiliar path?

4. It Gives You Freedom

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Taking the road less travelled has the potential to grant your freedom over your own choices, forging a different path to those you know who have all decided to play it safe. When you are creating your own paths, you can make your own rules!

5. It Makes You Embrace Uncertainty

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Travelling on the lesser-known road will help you to embrace the power of uncertainty. Uncertainty isn’t something to be scared of, but rather something to be absorbed and used to help you change your perspective on things. Don’t be afraid of directions you aren’t automatically familiar with, because following them often leads to personal discoveries that can change your life.

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