Why You Should Support Your Friends' Goals ...


Why You Should Support Your Friends' Goals ...
Why You Should Support Your Friends' Goals ...

If you want to be the best person that you can possibly be, you need to become somebody who is really good at supporting your friends in all of their life goals. You should be as enthusiastic about your BFF’s dreams as you are about your own, and as you would hope they would be about yours. When friends can lift each other up and help one another to succeed, that is when really beautiful platonic relationships can be cemented. Here is why you should support your friends’ goals, and exactly how you should do it!

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Why You Should Support

Sometimes, people just like to know that they have people who are in their corner, no matter what they are trying to achieve. You might not be able to personally relate to their goals and ambitions, but the simple fact that they are your friend should be enough to have you supporting them. You would be surprised by how much more someone can achieve when they have the reassuring knowledge that there is somebody behind them, rooting for them, and ready to support them in any way that they can.


Be Their Motivation

It is your job to be a motivating force for your friends when they are going through rough patches, whether it be a lack of enthusiasm or the backlash from suffering a blow in their mission. When they are burnt out, it is your job to get in there and say all of the right things to get them fired up again. We all need a good cheerleader in our lives, so make the effort to be that cheerleader for someone, and you will find that you gain some cheerleaders of your own in return!


Offer Advice

The biggest and best thing that you can do is just listen to what your friend has to say, and try to offer sage and helpful advice that will be productive for them in their journey toward their goals. It can be great to hear another perspective, but from somebody who has your best interests at heart and who isn’t going to say anything in such a way that would upset you. Constructive feedback is a much better form of motivation and support than cold criticism, so you should be trying to take on this role for your friends.

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