Are You Living Life on Autopilot ?


Are You  Living Life on Autopilot ?
Are You  Living Life on Autopilot ?

Are you living life on autopilot? When it comes to flying a plane or driving a car, switching to autopilot can be an incredibly welcome and comforting thing. However, in terms of a human life, the notion of being on autopilot isn’t so positive or appealing. Living on autopilot carries connotations of just letting life pass you by, not being fully involved with your surroundings or interested enough in the everyday ins and outs of your existence. Sure, we all have days like this, days when all you want to do is switch and make it through so that you find a spark of life the next day when you are feeling better, but if this tendency to autopilot starts to happen more often than not, then it might be time to start making some changes to become more present in your own life. Are you living life on autopilot?

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Negative People Hold You Back

Sometimes you might get excited about a new proposition or opportunity in your life, but then you proceed to let the negative thoughts and opinions of others dampen your spirits and change your attitude. They feed you negativity until your own brain decides to hold you back, and this is a perfect example of being on autopilot. There is different between living and simply existing, and if you keep letting others dictate your path, you are only existing, not living.

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Self-Limiting Beliefs

No matter what you are trying to achieve in life, you keep coming back to a batch of beliefs that only serve to self-limit you. You have a tendency to think about all of the negative possibilities rather than the positive ones, and because of this you never take that jump or make that life changing decision for fear of failure.


More Regret than Hope

Your tendency to not be brave enough to follow your heart always mean that you harbor more regrets than dreams. It’s so easy to make a split decision not to do something, but it’s much harder to get over the regret of not going through with that thing that you so badly wanted to do but were scared of. Never let your hope die in both your mind and your heart because once you have no hope, that is when the autopilot will take over and not let you back on the controls.


Passive Decisions

Every single decision you make with regards to your life is way too passive. You are a professional at going with the flow, which means that you always tend to be involved in someone else’s dreams and plans rather than your own. Why should you be a passive accomplice to someone else’s happiness when you could be the star player of your own?


Stuff over Experiences

Rather than getting out into the world and experiencing everything it has to offer, your natural instinct is to opt for stuff instead. A tendency towards aspiring for objects rather than experiences can turn you into something of a hermit. You might have a home filled with lots of cool stuff, but all of those items don’t come with the memories and exciting tales that experiences provide. Don’t buy another racing video game, get in touch with a friend and plan a day out at a tester track. It might be too on the nose for a subtle metaphor, but it’s exactly this kind of decision that will literally switch you from being on autopilot to taking the wheel of your own life and getting back in charge!

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