Are You πŸ€” Living Life 🌎 on Autopilot πŸ‘€?


Are you living life on autopilot? When it comes to flying a plane or driving a car, switching to autopilot can be an incredibly welcome and comforting thing. However, in terms of a human life, the notion of being on autopilot isn’t so positive or appealing. Living on autopilot carries connotations of just letting life pass you by, not being fully involved with your surroundings or interested enough in the everyday ins and outs of your existence. Sure, we all have days like this, days when all you want to do is switch and make it through so that you find a spark of life the next day when you are feeling better, but if this tendency to autopilot starts to happen more often than not, then it might be time to start making some changes to become more present in your own life. Are you living life on autopilot?

1. Negative People Hold You Back

Sometimes you might get excited about a new proposition or opportunity in your life, but then you proceed to let the negative thoughts and opinions of others dampen your spirits and change your attitude. They feed you negativity until your own brain decides to hold you back, and this is a perfect example of being on autopilot. There is different between living and simply existing, and if you keep letting others dictate your path, you are only existing, not living.

Self-Limiting Beliefs
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