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7 Amazing Angel Stories to Make You Go Wow ...

By Lezlie

I'm sure you have heard at least two amazing angel stories in your lifetime. If you haven't heard any amazing angel stories before, check out this great list of inspiring acts of kindness. Angels are known to be messengers. Whether the encounter is another human reaching out in love or something other-wordly, these angel stories will touch your heart.

1 Spanish Prayer

In October of 1996, a married couple made their regular trip pulling mobile homes. On this day, the wife became tired and went to sleep. She heard her husband yelling something and she got on her knees. The next thing she remembered was being hit by a drunk driver and she went through the windshield. Their vehicle caught on fire and she suffered multiple injuries. As she laid on the pavement she remembered two Spanish ladies over her. They prayed for her and comforted her as she bled. She didn't have contact with them after the accident but she holds them in her heart as her Earth Angels.

2 A Dollar

A lady was sitting in the rose garden behind her church after mass when an old man approached her and asked her for some change. He said he was very hungry. She dug in her purse and gave him all the change she had, and he said "God bless you," and turned to leave. As she turned her eyes back to her purse she realized she had a couple of dollars and yelled after him but he was gone. She could see clearly down both sides of the street, but the old man had vanished. She believed it was an angel testing her. This is not an uncommon angel story.


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3 Taxi

In 1986 in Mexico City at 3 a.m., a woman and her group of girlfriends were in the middle of nowhere with no transportation and no money. They bowed their heads to pray. What happened next was amazing! The moment they lifted their eyes a taxi was waiting for them. The driver told them to get inside. She explained they didn't have any money. The man said, "I know, God sent me, Evelyn." They got in the taxi and were so amazed they forgot to tell him where they needed to go. He took them there anyway.

4 Dharma & Greg

A woman's husband passed away from an enlarged heart. She believed he had an enlarged heart because he loved people in a deep and sincere way and she considered him her angel. About a week after his death she sat on the couch with her 12 year old son, reading a book called "Within Heaven's Gates." While they were reading the book, the TV came on. She had her son turn off the TV. The next day, they read the same book and the TV turned on again. This time she had to turn it off manually 3 times but it still came back on. So she decided they should watch the show. The TV program was "Dharma and Greg," and Greg was her husband's name. She later found the TV control on a shelf tucked away.

5 White Puppy

A woman shared this story about her grandmother when she was a little girl. When her grandmother was a child she was very ill and poor. Because she was poor, her mother had to leave her home alone to go work and support her young family. As the little girl lay in bed, blankets over her head, she felt a hand over her face. She was scared and moved the covers over her face but no one was there. Instead, she saw a little white puppy by her door. She got up and followed the puppy to the kitchen where it disappeared. She looked around and saw the gas to the oven was left on. This unexpected angel saved her life as a child.

6 Angel Power

This is another common angel story that has to do with gas. A married couple was traveling through New Mexico in a moving van when they realized their gas was running low. They hadn't seen any gas stations for miles so the wife began to pray. As the gas tank reached E, a large angel appeared. He was on top of their vehicle and leaned forward as if encouraging the vehicle to push forward. 50 miles later they arrived in Santa Fe, and pulled up to a gas station. The angel left.

7 Seeing is Believing

This story recently appeared on Ohio local news. A little girl named Erin Potter who is battling leukemia had an image taken of her with what appears to be a guardian angel behind her. Her mother Jen said, "I didn't necessarily see it as a sign that Erin is fine and is going to walk out of this, but it's a sign that we're watching over her." After the photo was taken Erin had her transplant and is currently cancer free. What a beautiful story!

Whether you believe in angels or not, random acts of kindness are always a great thing. I found most of these stories on Do you have any angel stories, earth angels or "supernatural"? I'd love to read them in the comments section ladies!

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