A Few Bits of Advice from AWS to Caitlyn Jenner ...


A Few Bits of Advice from AWS to Caitlyn Jenner ...
A Few Bits of Advice from AWS to Caitlyn Jenner ...

Caitlyn, we adore you! We're so proud to share even the tiniest bit of internet space with a woman who's as bold, daring, and courageous as you. Welcome to the world of women, my dear, and now that you're here, we at AWS have some advice for you.

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It's Okay to Be You

Well, duh - this is a lesson you've obviously already learned! But what I mean, specifically, is that sometimes, it's okay to just be you, make-up free, hair in a messy bun, comfy clothes and all. Sure, you don't ever have to do it, but if you want to, it's totes okay.

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We're All Your Sisters

There are plenty of haters out there (see below) - but we can't be listed among them. One of the great things about being a woman is that you automatically belong to a sisterhood... that creepy guy at the bar won't leave you alone? We've got your back.


Embrace the Chick Flick

There are so many good ones! Start at the beginning (Terms of Endearment or All About Eve) and work your way up.


The Bra Trick

If you haven't already experienced the joy of removing your bra without taking your shirt off, then flinging it across the room, learn it. Now. It's awesome!


Eventually, Heels Will Kill You

OMG, they're the worst! Sure, they look amazing, but after a decade or so, you'll want to wear flats sometimes. Do it!


Ignore the Haters

Even if you'd started life in the body you have now, you'd have been the object of haters telling you your worth was all about your looks, but careful! Can't be too sexy! Or thin! Or fat! Or any number of other things the patriarchy and society will use to scrutinize you. Ignore them! They know nothing.


On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Just kidding!

I'm sure there are so many other bits of advice our readers would love to share... ladies?

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I love caitlyn and I love the kardashians I have nothing against them infact I enjoy the shows and watchin their lives wishing I could hav wthe same. But I'm a little confused, In a world were people encourage you to be you..why would you change that..If i don't feel like my nose is my nose should I go get plastic surgery, just because I wasn't born with an organ I wanted? Is that even right, for us to decide how we should have been born, I don't think its right, there's a reason that we are born the way we are, I don't think we should change ourselves with surgery and hair dye and lifting, you are not "born wrong", noone is makeing you live like a man or a woman, you can live however you want, but YOU ARE NOT BORN IN THE WRONG WAY, because there's no wrong way to be born. She can do whatever she wants and I'm really proud of her for beaing true to herself and family publicly. But she didn't have to do all the plastic surgery stuff, Ithink she would be beautiful either way, the way she was born. Things are not wrong because we don't like them or don't approve them. Thats only my opinion

Please ask her to stop Im feeling attacked

To clarify - I said "he" because at the time, he was not caitlyn yet.


@shannon ok you clearly didn't read a word I read. What the heck are you talking about. I said that people should be comfortable in their own skin and they can be free to live however they want to. And also I'm black and I don't go to church. So.........

Perhaps @Alayna you have a problem with her cause it hits close to home ??? Are you transgender and not brave as she is are you gay???? Hmmmmm????? Your no better than Hitler go don't come back !!!!

You too!:) @Shannon

American culture does NOT stink!!!! I'm proud to be born and raised here as anyone should be proud from where they are !!!! But please please do NOT disrespect others cultures just DON'T!!!!


@renita so women who can't have children aren't women? Or those who have had their uterus removed and don't get periods? That's really how you define a woman? Because in your logic millions of women are not "real women".

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