2014's Best Girl-Power Moments ...

2014 was a fantastic year for women for so many reasons. From Taylor Swift's complete takeover of the music world to Kim K's "break the internet" photo shoot, we women have had our fair share of attention this year. Some moments, though, deserve a little more reflection to appreciate their marvelousness again as 2014 draws to a close. Here are my picks for 2014's very best girl-power moments, in (somewhat) chronological order.

1. Elsa & Anna Take over the World

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Elsa and Anna, leading a very small crew of men (along with one reindeer and one snowman), took over the world in 2014, and if this Christmas's "toy season" is any indication, they won't be going anywhere in 2015 either. Their movie passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors, leaving everyone wondering why there aren't more Disney movies with this much girl-power (and staying power). And singing. And warm hugs!

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