20 Conversation Starters for when Youre Getting to Know Someone ...

By Nichole

20 Conversation  Starters  for when Youre Getting to Know  Someone ...

Whether you are shy or not, getting to know someone new in your life (be it a crush, new boyfriend, potential friend, etc.) can be a challenge. We’ve all become so used to finding things out on social media or being attached to a device that finding the right things to talk about can leave us drawing a blank. The list below has some great conversation starters that will help you to get to know someone better. Check them out if you’re just not sure what to talk about:

1 What Are Your Hobbies?

2 What Sort of Things Make You Laugh?

3 What do You like to do on Weekends?

4 What is the Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten?

5 What Are Some of the Items on Your Bucket List?

6 Do You Have Any Pets? if so, Tell Me about Them

7 What is Your Biggest Goal?

8 Who is Your Celebrity Crush?

9 What is Your Favorite Cartoon?

10 What Would Be Your Dream Vacation?

11 Where Did You Grow up?

12 If You Could Trade Lives with Anybody for a Day, Who Would It Be and Why?

13 Who is Your Favorite YouTuber?

14 What Are Some of Your Favorite Childhood Memories?

15 Have You Traveled Abroad before? if so, Which Countries and Which Was Your Favorite?

16 What is One Thing You Cannot Live without, and Why?

17 How do You Recharge when Life Gets Rough?

18 Are You a Morning or Night Person?

19 What Are Your Favorite Tv Shows Right Now?

20 What is the Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Seen?

21 Is There a Social Media Platform You Avoid on Purpose, and Why?

22 Do You Have Any Personal Goals for This Year? if so, What Are They?

23 What Board Game do You Hate the Most, and Why?

24 What’s the Weirdest Dream You’ve Ever Had?

25 What Fashion Trend do You Wish Would Go Away?

26 If You Could Have Any Super Power, What Would It Be?

27 What Would You do with a Million Dollars?

Getting to know someone new can be hard, but these questions will surely help!

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