Life-Changing Self Love Tips ๐Ÿ’“for Girls Who Want to Be Happier๐Ÿ‘ฑ๐Ÿ”„๐Ÿ‘ธ ...


Knowing how to practice self love really is the key to improving many different components of your life.

I believe that the most important relationship is the one that you have with yourself, and I also believe that we attract what we truly need in our lives, so reading this means that you are on your way to healing yourself.

Only the ideas that make sense to you will be accepted by you.

The greatest relationship starts with being comfortable with yourself before you can extend outwards to others, so read on for more self love tips!

1. Reframe Your Mental Patterns to Make Your Life and Body Whole

Our internal dialogue reacts with every cell in our body, absorbing the energy of our thoughts and ideas.

We need to eliminate the cause of our negative internal dialogue, for what we choose to think about life becomes true for us.

If your mother didnโ€™t know how to love herself, or if your father did not know how to be gentle and kind, there is no way they could have taught you anything different.

We are all victims of victims.

We can, however, start today to change our mental thought patterns and processes and think more positively.

In turn, our body and mind will feel different.

2. Practice Identifying Your Feelings

If you have difficulty identifying and putting your finger exactly on what you are feeling, pay close attention to your internal dialogue and notice your inner thoughts at different times throughout the day.

What are they expressing to you?

Pay attention to your moods too.

Write down both your feelings (e.g., worry, anger, joy, happiness), and moods (e.g., irritable, anxious, cheerful), and try doing this several times a day.

3. Forgive Yourself

Understanding and being gentle with ourselves help us move past the cycles of 'self-hatred' and 'anger.' Self-approval and self-acceptance in the present moment are the keys to positive changes in our future.

Being critical of what we do or donโ€™t do ties with the perfectionist in us.

Since no one and nothing is perfect, try releasing the past and be willing to forgive.

Itโ€™s imperative for our own healing that we release the past, let it go and forgive ourselves.2

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