10 Ways to Make This Your Best Summer Ever ...


If you want to make this the best summer ever, and who doesn’t, read up on these 10 simple tips!

There are lots of ways you can spend your summer but I’ve got some suggestions that can help you make the most of your free time and really savor the summer time.

So, let’s plan to make this best summer ever by enjoying some much needed down time while still getting out and having fun!

1. Custom Tour Your City

Custom Tour Your City

Make this the best summer ever without traveling too far by creating a customized tour for yourself!

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, “tour” all the coffee spots in your city.

Or if you’re a wine lover, stop by all the wineries in your area and sample some vino.

You can also create a custom tour out of your local area but it’s fun to get to know and support local businesses!

2. Hit up the Water Park

Hit up the Water Park

You know it’s summer time when the water parks start opening up!

Make a date with friends or family to spend a day at the water park!

You can catch up with everyone, barbecue, show off your swimsuit and challenge your friends to ride all the water rides with you!

3. Learn Something

Learn Something

Another way to make the most of your summer is to learn something new.

Take a class at your local adult school or community college and learn dance or photography.

If you dream of traveling around the world then why not learn a new language?

Or maybe you’re like me and have a musical instrument you want to learn but just haven’t gotten around to picking it up.

Now is the time!

4. Ride Your Bike

Ride Your Bike

Dust off your bike and ride it around!

Riding bikes is a great family activity plus it’s also great exercise and much more environmentally friendly than driving around.

If you don’t have a bike, bust out your old roller skates, skateboard, pogo stick, whatever!

Just get outdoors and have some fun!

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