7 Tips for Transforming Your Anger 😑 into Positive Energy 😌 ...


Anger is a difficult emotion to control because it can be unwanted and irrational.

It is also most often a wasted energy because it doesn’t accomplish much or take you forward.

When you channel that anger however, it can work in a positive way.

If you want to make your anger work for you instead of it controlling you, here’s how:2

1. Use It as a Motivator

A great way to turn anger into positive energy is to grab a hold of the reason for the emotion being there, and using your feelings as a motivation to change your circumstances.

There is no point sitting idle in your puddle of anger.2

Be proactive and take action to reduce your anger by addressing the very point or situation that has made you feel this way.

After all, you are the person that knows yourself best and you are best equipped to calm yourself down.

2. Be More Optimistic

Many people find they are constantly in a bad mood or angry because they harbor a more pessimistic view of life in general.

Always looking for and seeing the bad in things can be very tiring for your patience, so try to see everyday situations in a more optimistic light and you may find yourself feeling less angry as the days go by.

Being optimistic means facing everyday problems without a feeling of foreboding and fearing for the worst.

3. Turn It in to Success

Much like the point about using it for motivation, anger can sometimes be one of the best catalysts for urging you on to greater success, whether in your personal or professional life.2

The best revenge for anger is to defeat it with success, whether big scale like starting a business or small scale like finally getting round to finishing that giant jigsaw puzzle!

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