11 Things Your Photographer πŸ“Έ Wishes πŸ™πŸΌ You Knew πŸ€” ...


After nearly ten years as a photographer, there are so, so many things I wish I could tell my clients, first among them, of course, that I'm grateful for a decade of capturing their images!

But there are other things I wish they knew that are a little harder to say...

1. You Are Not "too Fat" to Be Photographed

You Are Not "too Fat" to Be Photographed

Every time I hear a client say they're too fat to be in their own family pictures, my heart breaks a little.

Look, when your family looks back at these pictures of you we're taking today, I promise they're not going to notice that 10 pounds you wish you'd lost.

They're going to notice your radiant, happy smile and they're going to be so thankful they have these pictures of you!

2. I Heart Photoshop

I Heart Photoshop

Photoshop is my friend!

I use it to brighten images, whiten teeth, and retouch out little blemishes and stray crazy hairs.

In short, I use it to make you look your best...2

but never to make you look like someone else.

3. October is Hell

October is Hell

I'm busy all year long, but in October, I'm at a totally ridiculous level of booked solid.

Everyone on the planet wants photos in October, and who wouldn't (cute sweaters and gorgeous fall colors)?

But with multiple shoots every single day, if I seem a little extra scatterbrained during this crazy month, please bear with me...2

I'll be back to my normal level of only slightly absent-minded on November 1.

4. Word of Mouth is Everything

Word of Mouth is Everything

If you love your pictures, spread the word!

Like, share and tag your heart out on social media, and know that I appreciate every double-tap and thumbs-up.

5. Trust Me: You Want the Golden Hour

Trust Me: You Want the Golden Hour

New clients are often surprised when I want to shoot at sunset.

Isn't it better, they ask, to shoot in the brilliant sunshine?

It's not...

bright sunlight casts harsh shadows and makes people squint, but golden hour light (during the hour before sunset) is just lovely.2

It's Not about the Equipment
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