7 Guilty Little Pleasures of Life ...


In this modern, busy world, filled with pressure and the need to be the best, are you making time for life’s guilty little pleasures?

They do say that life is for living.

We are all on the treadmill to be successful, confident women and yet life is so long and short at the same time.

Sometimes your body and mind need a break, a chance to unwind or zone out.2

Rather than always saying no to a second helping of cake, perhaps there is no harm in saying yes – just this once!

Ease your foot of the gas and give into the guilty little pleasures of life.

1. Daily Horoscopes

I can’t be the only one that likes to indulge in reading my daily horoscope, am I?2

Sometimes I like to read my yearly summary and see what the gods have in store for me.

But I am a fraud;

I don’t really believe horoscopes, I read them because they are fun.

I like to read them with friends, and try my hardest to always relate the words to my own life.

Best of all is the romantic advice – the suggestion that a steamy handsome man may enter my life.

So spare five minutes for your horoscopes - they are one of the guilty little pleasures that help the day pass with a little extra cheer.

2. Would You like a Starter Madam? – Oui, Oui

I know, I know - a large main course will most definitely fill me up at dinner time, but the starters always taste SO good.2

I don’t think treating yourself to a starter is going to break the bank or your waistline.

Why not go a step further to crazy town and order two, to share with your partner of course?

Sometimes it’s okay to order exactly what you want on the menu, whether its lobster, steak, or double chocolate cake… Go for it, girl!

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