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Sometimes you struggle with finding the right words.

Sometimes I love you isn’t quite right.

Here’s some ideas for how to make someone feel extra special with memorable and personalized ways to tell them how you feel.

1. Create Your Own Personal Kisses

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Sometimes a kiss can say more than any words, so put on your fave color and make some big and bold kiss marks on pieces of paper that you can then cut up and send out to anybody you want!

2. Pop up Balloon Messages

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From childhood to adulthood, your love of balloons never goes away, so take advantage of this juvenile pleasure by putting messages on some helium filled balloons for a fun way to send a message.

Tutorial here:

3. Surprise Balloon Box

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Even better than big balloons is hidden mini balloons!

Fill a gift box with floating miniature balloons and watch your partner’s face light up with joy when they open the package and the fun floats before their eyes!

More info here:

4. β€˜Why I Love You’ Box

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Fill a little box with 50 notes saying why exactly you love your partner, and they will be able to spend the best part of two months opening the box every morning to read a new romantic affirmation.

Need inspo?:

5. Conversation Heart Cookies

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They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so kill two birds with one stone by baking these heart shaped delicacies to give to him.

Making him happy both physically and emotionally!

Recipe here:

6. Deck of Love Cards

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These aren’t as naughty as they sound!

Make your own pack of DIY playing cards that contain love messages on them along with the suit and number.

Your love will be on display every poker night!

Here’s how to bring the idea to life:

Tea Bag Messages
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