Confidence Boosting 😁 Words to Use when Describing πŸ—― Yourself without Looking Cocky πŸ“ ...


Most of us fall into the habit of insulting ourselves, even though we deserve to be treated with love and respect. Your family and friends aren't the only ones who should see how special you are--you should see it too. After all, you're an amazing woman! If you don't believe it, here are a few confidence boosting words that you should start using to describe yourself:

1. Capable

This doesn't sound like the strongest word, but it's actually incredibly important for you to realize that you're a capable woman. You don't need a man in order to survive, because you're capable of taking care of yourself. So the next time you're worried about falling a test or bombing an interview, remind yourself that you're a capable woman who's more than able to get by.

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