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Your Star Sign's Relationship with the Elements Explained ...

By Melly

Even if you aren’t someone who seeks out this type of knowledge, I think it’s safe to say that everybody has a little bit of awareness about astrology and the elements. Some people believe in it wholeheartedly, others prefer to look at is from a more fun, sceptical perspective, but however you choose to see it, there’s no doubting that it can be super interesting! Here is a little bit of information about your star sign's relationship with the elements.

1 Aries

Your element is fire. This can be seen in your natural born leadership and your tendency to be an unafraid trailblazer in everything that you do.

2 Taurus

Your element is earth. You like to keep your feet firmly on the ground, enjoying a carefree, stress free, traditional kind of life with as little drama as possible!


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3 Gemini

Your element is air. You are prone to act on whim and go in whichever direction your mood takes you. This can be very freeing but also very unpredictable for friends and family in your life.

4 Cancer

Your element is water. You are incredibly sensitive and spend a lot of time in your own feelings rather than participating in the real world. You almost live in a world of your own.

5 Leo

Your element is fire. You love nothing more than to bask in the warm glory of the centre of attention. You are the opposite of shy, and you find it impossible to hide your true emotions, whether good or bad!

6 Virgo

Your element is earth. You are the best planner of all the zodiac signs. You have a great sense of what everybody around you wants, which makes you to go-to person for parties, gifts, advice, everything!

7 Libra

Your element is air. You have an easy going energy that makes everyone want to be your best friend. You float from one social situation to another, making a positive impact wherever you go.

8 Scorpio

Your element is water. Just like water, you are able to fit yourself into any small space, in real life context, any situation. You can fit to adapt to any personality or group, which makes you a valuable friend to have.

9 Sagittarius

Your element is fire. You are constantly curious, and want to fan the flames of your own curiosity by learning as much as you can. You have burning passion for knowledge!

10 Capricorn

Your element is earth. You are the most responsible of all the zodiac signs. You know exactly what your talents and limitations are, and you never make a bad decision because you know how to analyse every little detail.

11 Aquarius

Your element is air. You are as persuasive and delicate as a gust of wind. You can pretty much get anyone to do anything for you!

12 Pisces

Your element is water. You are very in touch with your emotions, and can quite happily flow through life like a river, dodging obstacles and find a way through no matter what.

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