Your Mantra for 2019 According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

If you are the kind of person who feels motivated and inspired by mottos and words of power, then it’s highly likely that you have been collecting different mantras to take with you into this year. Mantras can help people to stay focused and present, as well as working forwards for a better year than the last. If you have yet to decide on one for yourself, then here is your mantra for 2019 according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

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‘I control my inner flame.’

You are the only person who can dampen your spirit this year, so don’t let the outside influences and opinions of other people get you down this year!

2. Taurus

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‘I am strong enough for anything.’

There might be some bumpy roads ahead this year, but the main thing to remember is that you are strong enough to withstand any kind of storm!

3. Gemini

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‘Why not me?’

2019 isn’t the year to be in the background. It’s your turn to come to the front and take all the opportunities that present themselves to you. Why not you!?

4. Cancer

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‘I deserve the feel the love that I give to others.”

Your life shouldn’t be all about the giving with none of the receiving. You need to understand that you deserve the same kind of affection that you give out regularly.

5. Leo

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‘The fire that burns within me lights my path.’

Stop looking to other people for inspiration and motivation; the only guidance that you need this year are the instincts that you feel in your gut and in your soul.

6. Virgo

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“I deserve what I ask for.”

Nobody gets anything from being shy and meek. If you want something this year, you need to make sure that you ask for it, because you deserve it!

7. Libra

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“I will attract positive people.”

For too long you have wasted your time on people that don’t deserve you and that sap your energy. 2019 is only for those who are going to bring positivity to your life!

8. Scorpio

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‘My vulnerability is my strength.’

Don’t try to hide and mask your weaknesses to try to look stronger, because you need to understand that your vulnerability is actually your biggest strength!

9. Sagittarius

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‘I have magic within me.’

There is nothing you can’t achieve this year; you are going to be unstoppable because you are finally going to be tapping into your inner magic!

10. Capricorn

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‘I trust my intuition.’

Don’t let other people push you around and persuade you to do things you don’t want to so this year. You need to start trusting your intuition and sticking to your guns.

11. Aquarius

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‘Rebellion takes dedication.’

It’s your job to rail against the man this year! Do your thing and fight the good fight, but remember that it takes a lot of dedication to get results.

12. Pisces

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‘I am being my authentic self.’

Whenever someone questions something that you do this year, just remember that you are making the effort to be your most authentic self!

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