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Your Karma Horoscope for 2019 ...

By Melly

Whether or not you believe enough to actually want to use the word ‘karma’, there is no denying that the world and your life is filled with getting the balance of things right, doing some good in the hopes receiving good in return, doing favours and being helpful so that you feel there is positive energy coming back inn your direction. Even if you don’t think that that is how the world works, there is still a little part of your brain that tallies up the good and the bad experiences to see which comes out heaviest! Here is your karma horoscope for 2019.

1 Aries

You are going to be settled with a lot of inner peace this year, there isn’t going to be anything in the offing that is going to throw your mellow attitude out of whack.

2 Taurus

Lots of changes are coming your way this year, some good and some bad, but the thing to remember is that you conduct yourself with humility and grace and will always come out on the other side.

3 Gemini

Your life is going to move at a super fast pace this year, and as a result you might not always have time for the people who deserve it. It might be stressful, but just remember to make it up to them.

4 Cancer

2019 is going to feel like the best year of your life, because all of that hard work you put in in 2018 is going to be repaid to you in a big way!

5 Leo

The first half of the year might feel like a struggle for you, but stick to your guns because that means that the balance is going to be addressed in the second half. You’re going to have a great Christmas in particular!

6 Virgo

You haven’t had the best couple of years when you really think about it, but there is a lot to look forward to in 2019, the year looks like it’s going to be a lot more positive for you.

7 Libra

You’re going to find a lot of inner peace this year, things are going to start clicking in to place and you will see lots more opportunities coming your way.

8 Scorpio

Some sudden changes at the start of the year might be a shock to the system, but just trust in the process and take comfort that things are going to get better.

9 Sagittarius

You had a super rough year last year, so be happy that 2019 looks like it is going to be a year where you can finally take a breath and really relax.

10 Capricorn

You spend so much time thinking and caring for other people last year, that karma is going to treat you will in 2019. Perhaps a new romance is on the cards?

11 Aquarius

You tend to be quite impulsive, which isn’t always the best way to act in terms of karma and balance. Just be careful with who you upset out of the blue!

12 Pisces

Keep an open mind this year, remember that the energy you give out is the same energy that you receive, so be as positive and approachable as possible!

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