7 Wonderful Ways to Thank a Veteran ...

Jordin Keim

7 Wonderful Ways to Thank a Veteran ...

Here are a few wonderful ways to thank a veteran. Even though Veterans Day is past, you can still thank a veteran. Veterans have an important job and the special holiday we celebrate in their honor isn’t the only time to let them know that you appreciate their hard work, dedication, and selflessness. If you have a special veteran in your life, please keep reading to learn a few ways to thank a veteran!

1 Write a Card

One of my favorite ways to thank a veteran is by writing a letter or a card to show your appreciation. Whether you send it in the mail or hand deliver it, you can rest assured it will be highly appreciated! Veterans love getting mail, whether they are retired or on active duty. If you have children, let them in on the fun! Everyone loves drawings from little kids.

2 Send a Care Package

A care package is an easy and affordable way to let a deployed veteran know that he or she is on your mind! You can put all sorts of things in care packages. Personal hygiene products, baked goods, and candy are a few ideas. You can also put together care packages for veterans who are in the hospital or living in homes for the elderly.

3 Say Thank You

Whenever you see a veteran or an active duty military member walking around, stop and take the time to say “thank you”. So many veterans feel like they are taken for granted, and so this little gesture could brighten someone’s day! You may not always be able to pick a veteran out from the crowd, but sometimes a veteran will wear a hat or a jacket or display bumper stickers on their car proclaiming the branch they served in.

4 Volunteer Your Time

One of the best ways to thank a veteran is by caring for their family while he or she is away. Stepping in to offer a few hours of childcare is a relief to a tired mom or dad who is doing it all while their spouse is away. You could take care of yard work or go on a grocery run. Be on call in case of an emergency. Offering your time is such a help to someone who isn’t able to do it all on their own.

5 Donate to Charities

There are several fabulous charities in place specifically for giving aid to veterans! You may not be able to donate your time, but how about your money? If you have a little to spare, it can go a long way in providing a meal, a roof, or some much needed medical care to a veteran. Many veterans return home without a scratch on their bodies. Their wounds are far deeper, mental and emotional scars. PTSD is a real nightmare for too many veterans and their families.

6 Visit a Veterans Hospital

Especially around this time of year, you can help spread a little holiday cheer by dropping by a veteran’s hospital! Just stopping for a moment to chat or play a game of cards may lift someone’s spirits more than you know! Often these men and women just want some company. Be a morale booster and go hand out cookies or sing some carols!

7 Offer Your Support

The number one thing our veterans need the most is your support. Just knowing you are behind them can go a long way to encouraging a veterans heart! Veterans are in a life-threatening position every single day when they get up and go to work, and previous veterans have laid their life on the line in the past. That kind of job takes grits and guts, so do your part in being supportive!

I am a wife, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, and niece of veterans so I understand what it’s like to be a veteran on the best level that I can without actually being one myself. Do you have someone you know serving in the military? Please comment below and remember to thank that person for their awesomeness!