Why We Always Love the Underdog ...


Why We Always Love the Underdog ...
Why We Always Love the Underdog ...

Are you an underdog? Want to know why we love the underdog?

The underdog is a classic story put into TV shows, movies, books, etc. But have you ever thought that you are the underdog in your story?

Not everyone is a heroine. One definition says that the heroine is: “a person admired for achievements and noble qualities” (Merriam-Webster).

Not everyone is acknowledged for their achievements, and admiration starts with recognition.

So you aren’t acknowledged for the things you do. Maybe because you don’t do good things. Or maybe because you don’t want to be in the spotlight. Maybe you have no one to tell.

The underdog is the person who can become the winner or the heroine through perseverance or change. The underdog is the person that isn’t recognized. Who is hated on. Who doesn’t have a chance to win.

I think we’ve all felt like that at one point or another. So it’s not so bad to be the underdog because people are pulling for you. There will be haters along the way. There always are.

How many books do we read where the unsuspected person turns out to be the most important? They become the key to making everything happen. A lot of times people hate on them and they want to quit.

One important thing that many successful people have learned is that usually when people hate on you (for no reason, unjustly, without solid reason), you’re doing something right. Just like most binaries, in order to be loved, unfortunately, there must be hate.

Perseverance is one of the important qualities in a person. America doesn’t love someone that doesn’t try. I don’t think the world loves it either. If you don’t try or you quit, nothing will change. But if you truly try, there’s a chance you’ll succeed. And that's why we love the underdog.

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