Why Are Others so Important?


Why Are Others so Important?
Why Are Others so Important?

You may or may not always be surrounded by friends, or family, or even random people on the street. It gives you more than you can imagine, and it could be interesting to look in to how relationships benefit you in so many ways, if they’re healthy.

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They Distract You

It’s always such a pleasure to go for a drink with a close friend; it makes it feel like you’re getting a break. And plus the fact of talking, laughing ,and expressing yourself in general is quite amazing, since it allows you to live in the moment and be in reality, unlike when you’re alone and just lost in your thoughts. I find it important to have these distractions that spice up your day and leave you with something to look forward to.

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They Define You

You define yourself with the outside world. You are who you are, or at least you can get an image of who you are by interacting with others, by comparing yourself to people, for example running a race and seeing where you stand. You also acquire values by working with others, or just having a relationship with them. Furthermore, you have access to others peoples' opinions and points of views when you communicate and discuss about certain things. It opens your mind, makes you wander in to thoughts you wouldn’t have explored otherwise. How would you get so far alone? With your friends and family, you set your position in this world and you set your path. How would you be able to talk about a position without having anybody around?

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Develop Your Trust

It may be hard for some people to move on in life with the help of others, maybe thinking they could do everything on their own and if not, it’s a sign of weakness. Well you can’t; you’ll always need the help of someone at some point and it’s good. We live in a world where we grow together and work together and that’s a good thing when you think about it. Of course, it’s great to be alone sometimes and to make your own decisions, but being able to accept the help of others is a strength, and it will pull you up to achieve your goals.


Allows You to Make Memories

The best thing about relationships is everything you can get out of them. Two years from now you’ll still remember what you did 10 years ago at this certain moment and it’s magical. You build up, every second, moments you won’t forget, that give a meaning to your past and a purpose to your future. It’s a beautiful experience everyone should be able to experience, and to do so, I think the most important thing would be to live the present, feel it, be aware of your surroundings and do what you love, cherish what you have and always move forward.

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