3. Sadness is Seductive

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There is a lot of comfort to be had from feeling sad. We all know depressive and moody people because they are everywhere. Are they genuinely having a terrible life, or are they seeking out and focusing on negative and horrible things? Why would somebody do this? People do it because feeling sorry for yourself is comforting.

Begin depressed, sad and moody turns into a big, safe, warm blanket with which we are able to soothe ourselves. What is worse is that the world is full of people that spend their lives trying to make other people happy, which means that being moody, sad and depressed is a great way of getting attention. These are the reasons why sadness is seductive, but it is not healthy, and people will eventually become tired of engaging with sad, moody, moany and depressive people.

Stop Bothering with the Little Annoyances
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