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Don’t you find psychology a fascinating subject? I am especially interested in the conscious versus sub-conscious things we do. Many psychologists believe that your subconscious actions are far more insightful about your personality than measured actions and decisions. Doodling is one of the common subconscious things we do and this is what psychologists have to say about what we draw when we’re in mindless mode.

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The sun and flowers are often doodled together, and this is generally an indication that your mind is at peace and you are in a very happy place in your life right now. You’re full of optimism and positivity.


Geometric Shapes

Drawing detailed square and diamond patterns often means that you have firm convictions and like things to be very precise and very organized. It’s also an indicator that you are very vigilant and perhaps overly cautious.

(I always draw geometric shapes. The first bit of analysis is so me, but I’ve never thought of myself as overly cautious … interesting).


Rings and Circles

Drawing smoother, more round objects like rings and circles indicates that you have a desire to be a team player and work together with other people. But they can also mean that although this is what you want, it may not be what you are currently experiencing in your life.


Spirals and Lines

Doodling wavy lines and spirals can be interpreted as a very insular form of drawing, one where you are only concerned about yourself and about the patterns that you create rather than focusing on any external factors. It indicates a desire to completely switch off from the outside world.


Human/Stick Figures

Drawing stick figures can often allude to underlying feelings of helplessness in your life or feelings of wanting to get away from certain responsibilities. The more detailed your drawings of these figures become, the more badly you want to escape and enter in to a responsibility free world.


Personal Thoughts

This kind of doodling, where you find yourself drawing out your thoughts in speech bubbles and similar, is very vain (or indulgent, to be kinder) by nature. It could allude to the fact that you want to have a conversation with yourself because you don’t feel like you are being stimulated enough by your peers.



The drawing of particular animals can often indicate your mood at that time: for example, a wolf or tiger might mean pent up aggression, a fox might mean cunning or something like lion might mean a feeling of superiority. Of course, you might just be really good at doodling cute cats!



The direction of the arrows you draw can often be an insight in to the direction in which you feel your life is going. Upwards means you are focusing on others, downwards means you are focusing on yourself, and left or right can means either the past or the future.



Stars are simple and addictive to draw, but they can also allude to the fact that you want to be center of attention. Some recent studies have also argued that the drawing of stars can hint at depression.



Doodling crosses is a classic symbol and indication of feelings of guilt over somebody close to you, or that the responsibility of a certain problem is beginning to weigh really heavily on you.


Boxes and Houses

Symmetrical, linear shapes demonstrate a love of order and of calculation and planning. It shows that you know exactly what you want and that you are not afraid to have the courage in your convictions.



This can sometimes indicate that you are in an unpleasant situation. A chequered, chessboard type pattern suggests some type of internal suffering that you are struggling to figure out by yourself, much like a difficult game of chess.



The classic honeycomb pattern commonly alludes to feelings of harmony and peace, and the fact that you have learned to arrange your life in a way that best suits your personal needs.

What do you doodle? Do your doodles fit the above analysis?

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