7 'What Would You do' Videos ...


7 'What Would You do' Videos ...
7 'What Would You do' Videos ...

If you’ve never seen any ‘What Would You Do’ videos on the ABC network, you’re definitely missing out. The purpose of the ‘What Would You Do’ videos is to challenge watchers and make you think about what you would do in a compromising position or in a situation where you have the opportunity to speak up and out against injustice. Every ‘What Would You Do’ scenario is similar to what many people go through everyday. They are essentially experiments that test the bystander effect theory, which states, “The greater the number of people present, the less likely people are to help a person in distress. When an emergency situation occurs, observers are more likely to take action if there are few or no other witnesses.” Scary isn’t it?! Check out these videos and really think about what you would do if you were in a few of these situations.

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Spoiled and Rude 16-Year-Old

Ooooh! Did you see that?! This is one of the 'What Would You Do' videos that makes my blood boil! I wanted to give that girl a piece of my mind! This is a big problem today, especially since some parents don’t like when strangers intervene in their parental duties! Think about it: What would you do if you witnessed this bratty girl disrespecting her mom in the dress shop? Would you confront the girl or would you leave her alone?


Cute Little Scam Artists

These kids are just too cute, but $5 for the lemonade, $5 for the straw, $5 for the napkins, and $5 for the cookies is way too much! I would NEVER buy from them! If they told me that my lemonade was $15, I’d have to give it back and walk away! Would these cute kids scam you?


Black Teenage Couples Fight

Wow! Crazy, right?! In the beginning of this video it referred to a past experiment when a White couple fought and only 23 out of 188 bystanders stepped in. When they tried switching it up a bit and seeing how many bystanders would step in for a Black couple, they found that 290 people passed by and only 14 intervened. What would you do? Would you just walk by or would you stand up against that guy? No one wants to get involved with fights and uncomfortable situations, but when it seems someone’s well being is on the line, no matter the ethnicity of that person, it’s important that we take a stand!


“Cool” Parents Push Their Kids to Drink

How would you respond if you saw one of these parents pushing their children to drink? I’d be astounded! Under-age drinking is illegal and if I witnessed this, I’d probably speak up like the majority of the people in the video. When the father said, “It’s none of your business,” I loved how the red head woman responded! She said, “Every kid in the United States is my business!” Do you think it’s a civil duty to stand up against parents pressuring their kids to drink under age?


Mean Girls

Bullying is a huge problem! This video shows 3 girls insulting a girl, and it’s amazing to see the bystanders’ responses. It’s not surprising that women were the ones to step in against this type of bullying. So many people think that words don’t hurt, but they do, and in many cases this type of emotional torment is much worse than physical bullying. What would you do in this situation?


Discrimination against a Muslim Woman

Discrimination is alive and well today. It’s not okay! When the cashier spoke hateful and offensive words to the Muslim woman, a few people agreed with him, but the majority said nothing! Standing up for this kind of injustice is tough, but how would you feel if you were in the woman’s shoes? Would you want others to speak up on your side?


Stranger Danger

Ehh…so technically, this isn’t a ‘What Would You Do’ video, however it’s one of my favorite videos that really makes me think: what would I do? This video shows a little girl being kidnapped and yelling “Help! He’s not my dad!” It’s scary that it takes HOURS for someone to respond! People see what’s going on, but they don’t say anything. It’s so important that we aren’t bystanders in these situations. For all they knew, a little girl’s life was at stake, yet they didn’t respond. Thankfully, the world isn’t full of bystanders! A few people finally responded to her cry for help, which brought tears to my eyes!

Each of these videos show problems that happen everyday. Unfortunately, many people ignore these injustices and life threatening situations. It’s natural not to want to be involved in these situations, but is it best to just ignore it? I don’t think so. Speak up! If you don’t want to be directly involved or if it’s a dangerous situation, call the police or tell someone! Has watching these videos given you a new perspective on bystanding and how you would react in some of these situations? Think about these videos and ask yourself, “What would I do?” Tell us your responses to a couple of the videos above!

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*very few

I love this show it really makes you think about...well-what you would do!?! It sparked an hour long discussion/debate between my friends and I. Very interesting sociological experiments that can blow your mind at times!

There's one about gay parents in a Texas diner and it is possibly the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Definitely a must watch.

you see that woman in the front picture ?! that woman is wearing a hijab ( Muslim people head-wear) , and look at her she looks so amazingly beautiful, no wonder muslims say that when a woman wears a hijab she looks even more and more beautiful !!

I work at Walgreens and you have no idea how often someone comes in having seen someone steal a bike, leave a child locked in a car for several minutes (in Florida heat) or just witnessed a fight where a group of kids were ganging up on one kid, come into the store and want me to do something about it. It's disgusting! You see it- you do something about it. I can call but then the police will want to talk to me and I didn't see anything. And all of those folks who came in and asked me to do something about it- all had a phone in their hand. I would stand up for someone being discriminated against or if some guy was yelling at a woman in public I might call the police if I thought I might get hurt. For me I would rather end up being the 20th person who called 911 than assume someone else did.

The last video almost made me cry! I'm a babysitter and I love little kids. To think out of all the people passing by HEARING AND SEEING her YELLING for help! To just keep moving!? I would not be able to live with myself. It's heartbreaking. I mean I KNEW she was an actor and I wanted to help her!

What an eye opener thank you for sharing. I live in a small town in Arkansas. The prejudice here is absolutely disgusting. Being raised in LA California I could not understand how "Christian" people, I live in the "bible belt", could act this way towards people. The bystander effect is astonishing. I also worked as an EMT. We would get called to an accident and the victim would have already bled out, yet it was in the middle of town where everyone could see. The paramedic told me that people just assume someone else has already called 911. We could have saved people's lives had someone just taken 2 minutes to call 911. You see this with accidents, shootings, injuries, fires ect all the time. It is better to call knowing you can possibly save that person's life then just continue on with your day. It is heartbreaking living in a society where very people want to take responsibility for someone else. I just pray that if I ever need help someone will respond the way that people who stuck for those people did.

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