What is Your Resolution Going to Be?


What is Your Resolution Going to Be?
What is Your Resolution Going to Be?

Soon it is going to be that time to make a New Year's resolution. Why not make an achievable one, instead of the impossible?

The following link sends you to 52 different resolutions to choose from, to at least help you out.


Don't they make sense? In the upcoming following months, they are going to become a habit, not thrown away as useless.

Which ones are your favorites? I have thought about two so far... Would you like to know? (I like to practice what I preach when possible.)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Water Bottle

I want to take a water bottle with me everywhere I go every day. I have a concoction that I found over the internet called Diet Lemon Iced Tea that I pour in my sports bottle and like to drink 4 sport bottles full every day which equals 8 cups every day. In the lifestyle book Look Great Feel Great, author Joyce Meyer states that one should take a water bottle wherever one goes.


At-Home Exercise

As I telecommute as a freelancer, I am at my desk a lot. Yes, with freelancing, most of the time people can create their own hours. But, with freelancing, it is very hard to earn a dime. If you want to make any income, you just cannot put in that 9 to 5 and expect good pay. You never know what your next payment is going to be. So, I want to do "at least" 10 minutes of at-home exercising every day. Not only does Popsugar suggest doing so, but SparkGuy, the creator of the fitness and nutrition website named Sparkpeople.com, also tells his members to do at least 10 minutes of any activity.

I look forward to writing more articles and reviews for you in the New Year. Happy New Year!

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