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What is Inner Beauty

By Afsana

What is inner beauty?

Inner beauty is the most precious and beautiful and much more important than your outer beauty. Inner beauty isn't how you look or how glamorous you are. It is how you talk and inspire people with your behaviour. It's your sense of people’s feelings and how you win them over with your kindness and humble empathy. You can put a hundred thousand beauties on show, but they can’t compare to a person who has inner beauty and wins everyone with their kind heart and soul. So you're wondering how to find such a person? Two great examples are Mother Teresa and Gandhi. These two people showed their passion for poor people and taught the world how to reach out to them. So, what is inner beauty?

Look around and you'll see where is this beauty is. When you live in this material world, people’s definition of beauty has changed. First look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how much beauty you have inside you? If you don't like what you see, you need a little kindness, a little respect for others, and a great deal of love. That's how you get inner beauty.

Inner beauty is all about impression of yourself that you show off to others.

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