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Are You Conveying Insecurity with These Behaviors? ...

By Alicia

Do you know that there are ways you show your insecurity to others? If you have insecurity, chances are that others can see it. This isn’t a pleasant thought to many of you. Let’s talk about some ways you show your insecurity so you can be on guard against showing it in the future.

1 Trying Too Hard

If you are trying too hard, people may suspect you of being insecure. This is one of the ways you show your insecurity when you are feeling this way. Maybe you are trying too hard to fit in with a group of people. Maybe you feel insecure about your appearance so you go over the top with applying makeup or showing more skin than you really feel comfortable with. The best advice for any situation is to always be yourself.

2 Exaggerating

Sometimes people exaggerate when they are feeling insecure. They usually do this when they are trying to convince others of something. They may even be trying to convince themselves, as well. If you find yourself exaggerating, know that you are probably showing your insecurity. Stick to honesty.


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3 Being Jealous

If you are feeling jealous of someone or something, ask yourself why. Do you feel threatened by them? A lot of times feeling jealous in a relationship happens when you are insecure. There are also times when there is also a very valid reason to feel jealous. Only you can figure out which one is behind your jealousy.

4 Being Clingy

Ladies, I hate to tell you this. It’s kind of hard to swallow. Being clingy in a relationship will make you look insecure. You can absolutely be affectionate but be careful not to cross the line into clinginess. This trait can even show up in friendships. If you find you are clingy with a friend, ask yourself if it is because you are afraid to branch out and make more friends.

5 Attempting to Impress Others

Many times people attempt to impress others because they are insecure. They may feel that if they impress others that they are covering up any insecurity they may have. They usually go over the top and overcompensate when they try to do this. This is usually easy to see through from the point of the perspective of others. Be on guard against this tendency if you are feeling insecure.

6 Not Having Confidence

When you are insecure, you aren’t confident. That just goes hand in hand. But a lack of confidence will point how insecure you are feeling to the entire world. While you may not feel confident, you can fake it. Just be careful to not go over the top with it to the point you are trying to impress others with fake confidence like we just discussed.

7 Being Possessive

Feeling insecure tends to make you feel possessive. This can be true in many different scenarios. It can be true in a romantic relationship, a friendship or even a position at work if you feel threatened. Remember that being possessive can backfire on you by pushing the very person or position you are trying to hold onto out of your reach. Relax and remind yourself of how worthy you are of whatever it is you feel you could lose.

These are some ways that feeling insecure can show to others. Have you ever dealt with insecurity? Do you feel that it showed in one of these ways?

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