7 Ways to Take a Quick Mental Vacation ...

Are you in desperate need of ways to take a mental vacation? Sometimes life gets overwhelming. There’s work, home life, relationships and maybe even school. Knowing some good ways to take a mental vacation can really help you to feel refreshed and ready to face things once again.

1. Push Away from Your Desk

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One of the easiest, quickest ways to take a mental vacation is to push away from your desk. Sitting at your desk for hours on end can be difficult. Just taking a little break to stand up and walk around or get a bottle of water can help you to be ready to focus again. This is also helpful for your posture. It helps remind your body to reposition itself correctly.

2. Do a Puzzle

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Puzzles are good for your mind. They keep your brain sharp. Beyond that, they are just fun. They give your mind something else to think about besides whatever else is going on. It’s a nice little break.

3. Visit Pinterest World

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Don’t we all love the world of Pinterest? It’s a welcome but temporary escape from reality. It’s hard to be stressed when you are choosing things for your dream home or pinning beauty tips you are excited about. Popping over to Pinterest can really help you. It’s a nice little mental vacation.

4. Read a Favorite Blog

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Do you have some favorite blogs that you keep up with? They can be a nice little break from your day. There are so many different sorts of blogs you can follow. There are blogs that are strictly for cooking, organizing, parenting or marriage as well as beauty which is my personal favorite. The one I have especially loved lately is zoella.co.uk, if you need one to start with.

5. Meditate

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There is something to be said for mediation. It is very calming. Meditation doesn’t have to be anything complex or complicated. It is really as simple as sitting somewhere quiet, closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. Of course there are more in depth forms but this simple technique is a way to snatch a little mental vacation. Even a few minutes of this can be helpful.

6. Visit Your Happy Place

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In other words, just daydream a bit. Allow your mind to drift to something really happy you would love to be doing or plan to do at some point. It could be thinking about lying on a beach in a tropical location or enjoying a cup of coffee from a log cabin porch nestled in the mountains. It could even be just thinking about the lovely nap you take on Sundays. Whatever you enjoy and makes you feel calm, think on it.

7. Check Your Social Media Accounts

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Okay, this probably isn’t the top way to take a mental vacation but it does work. It provides a distraction to your everyday life. You scope out social media for a few minutes and you feel ready to dive back in to your day. Sometimes seeing uplifting posts by your friends can be encouraging. Even reading about someone else’s problems can remind you that your life isn’t as bad as you once thought.

These are 7 different ways to take a quick mental vacation. What do you do for a quick mental vacation? I would love to read how you do this.

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